Monday, July 26, 2010

I WANT MY PRIVACY.. I am not getting paid.. for you

to stalk me.

You have men adn jobs at home and are casing me with AHMED.
Please make your money somewhere else.

Lisa A. Miceli

Sunday, July 25, 2010

WHAT THE FUCK is going on?

AHMED propses to Lisa Miceli and other women sahowed up at a hotel again, on my wedding meetings.

What the FUCK is this? a casting call for my bedroom?


STOP contacting HH, for requests for meetings behind my back, please. He then attacks me for hat other women said about me or their behavior.

It is libel - so I know that he had another affair, in my social circle, when he is to be dating Lisa Miceli only. I do not call their husbands and ask for meetings at hotels with them.

STOP THIS GAME. There is not GAME. You have no GAME!! You are going to jail if you play a game on me.

Lisa A. Miceli