Monday, March 29, 2010

I was hacked & could not fiqure out.. what communications

that I was missing.


Lisa A. Miceli

ANGE was to be a witness for my wedding..

& take a flight with me. I have instead asked other family members to come wih me instead!!

Ange McQueen is not sane anyway to be a witness to a wedding. She is a stripper and will not stop stalking me when I am trying to get married without legal intervention.

BEWARE!!! MY FUTURE HUBBY ABSAM is an ASSHOLE, to everyone but his future bride Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa A. Miceli + HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum = FOREVER!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

TRUTH.... please READ!!


I highly doubt that ABSAM has anything to do with that.

Raj says that he is with HER. He is INDIAN.

ABSAM is ARAB... stop with the SPINNING of my life. How many blogs/You Tube, etc, etc, etc, etc, ARE UP???? Trying to control my wedding??

GROW UP.....

Lisa A. Miclei + ABSAM = FOREVER.

I know him inside adn OUT ANGE MCQUEEN - he sent me the ACE OF SPADES & the dancing and pot messages... the is TRYING to court Lisa A. Miceli, not you!!

I am not a lesbian.. so stop!!! Kelly Werner was a real estate business lawsuit!!

HOLLYWOOD is a BUNCH of CRAZY PEOPLE on the LOOSE!! Do not let them copy your life and turn it into HELL!!

Please leave me wedding story ALONE!!

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!



waiting on a few more pieces..... is what he said to me!!

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!!

WHEN I MET ABSAM.. he said that he was not dating..

anyone & that he has two WIVES in DUBAI.

So, why Angelicque McQueen & other women who clown, stalk, harass, and abuse Lisa A. Miceli over me marrying ABSAM is INSANE to me!!!

If it was just for fun and jokes... then my blog should have been a private blog, or it made known that it was just a joke.

Still some people took things too far and I was not in control of any of these SITES to SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

It was very very disrespectful of ANGE MCQUEEN to think - on drugs, that she can HAVE my husband, any time that she wants, when I am engaged.

So, get clean adn get over yourself.. you and the others!!

Lisa A. Miceli + HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai = FOREVER!!


Angelicque McQueen has RICHARD SHAEFFER to BATTLE.... not me!!

STOP SPOINNING MY WEDDING STORY.. I met ABSAM on OCTOBER 2008 - why would ANGE MCQUEEN want to have sex with MY HUSBAND or anyone else for that matter - GROSS!!

SHE IS MESSING with his MIND..... by stealing from me and then LIBELING US BOTH, ABSAM & Lisa A. Miceli.

HE SAID THAT HE PICKED LISA MICELI to marry.. to you are RIGHT. SHUT UP about me!!


Ange McQueen is not the WIFE of ABSAM... so how can she tell me not to be with HH Sheikh Ahmed??

She cannot.... she is an imposter adn very very very rude.

ABSAM told me that he is loyal and faithful to me dn not a cheater or a liar!! HE says that he does not DO DRUGS and rarely drinks, as he is a DEVOUT SUNNI MUSLIM!!

She will buy the rights if she wants to play ACTRESS in my private life or ACCEPT that I said for her to leave me alone!!

THESE women are not allowed to have sex with my husband stalked me with Michael Jordan &then madee threats to me, instead of being civil.

Kelly Werner and Ange McQueen and the parties helping them.

ABSAM and I were to be in bed for our wedding.... and other business plans. He set up an INVESTMENT banking WEB-site for me, expecting to bank on his life with Lisa A. Miceli.

I am the wife..... not the others. He is not to be in the presence of other women without me!!

IS THIS NOT GETTING OLD - the thefts???

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN..... stole my material from my TWITTER account as well... about the TREES.... and her daughter was singing about it at 6 years old.

I did not hire her to do any business with me and ABSAM.

Can In please plan a wedding with ABSAm, without it being stolen from??

I plan to move my businesses to DUBAI to be close to ABSAM.

If anyone is in possession on STOLEN MATERIAL from Lisa A. Miceli - please return to me IMMEDIATELY!!

Lisa A. Miceli


You hear that Ange McQueen.....

ABSAM is a con artist to you, b/c he never promise you anything. He promised Lisa A. Miceli half of his FORTUNE. This was already posted.

Ange McQueen is stalking my e-mails & my LAWYERS (both which contain confidential information).

I am getting married to ABSAM adn having my own children with ABSAM.

He told me that I am stunning and sent me photos of his other FAMILIES!!

EXPOSE ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN since she goes behind my back to stalk, steal, and pretend to be Lisa A. Miceli - for money only!!!

She is not my lawyer or my agent, & has NO LEGAL RIGHTS to put up my INFORMATION for others. Please contact me directly, so you can do LEGIT BUSINESS with Lisa A. Miceli.

You are not to disrespect a member of the ROYAL FAMILY of HIS WIFE. HH Sheikh Mo offered me a son of his, if things do not workout for HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai.

I need to be called if there are BUSINESS or PLEASURE meetings at the MONDRIAN HOTEL with my ARAB SHEIKH. That is the law.

POOSTING PHOTOS and NEWS CLIPPINGS SOON..... stop conspiring to ruin me, b/c you are JEALOUS of my SUCCESSES!!!

c***********@yahoo.conm was set up by HH Sheikh Ahmed for Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM to chat privately. This was not an address for others to use to chat with ABSAM or do any BUSINESS without me.

I expect to be at dinner with ABSAM in ERIE, PA soon with ABSAM. SHUT% UP with your comments!!

Lisa A. Miceli



Dante had a SCORPION in his pocket when I woke up from the photo shoot, I was scared.

Thank you to those who have helped me that day.

STOLEN MATERIAL - ABSAM's & my first meetings!!





Once the material is stolen and then it is deleted & then they make threats to KEEP ME FROM MY OWN PROPE!RTY......

STALKER??? You WISH... . HOT PURSUIT of STOLEN PROPERTY, my legal right!!

PSYCHO??? You WISH.... I have ever legal right to protect myself from THREATS to do bodily harm, like anyone else. Ange made documented threats to do bodily harm to Lisa A. Miceli.

She is not in her own mind, she is in mine, trying to claim MIND CONTROL. WHY?? She is not in the MILITARY. She is a theif copying my material and cloning me, devaluing my life.

Lisa A. Miceli

HH SHEIKH AHMED already asked me to be his PRINCESS/WIFE

in 2008. STOLEN e-mails has been a re-occuring fact since we met forcing me to reveal our private life, both sooner than I expected and in more depth than I ever expected.

I am always shocked by the invasion of my privacy..... in the USA. Since, it sends me to the courts to protect my rights.

I expected a courtship and business deals, that are slow in coming.

HH SHEIKH AHMED has DENIED ever being with or meeting ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN.

This would be seen as a hostile act, seeing that they are 4000 ARAB SHEIKHS and the end result of copying (CLONING/IMPOSTERING) is ruining my business and crediblity.

Ange McQueen does not have the skills, backgrounds, training, or FAMILY that Lisa A. Miceli has.

She also did not have over 5000 sex text & swooning that Lisa A. Miceli has had with HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai. I have a right to be made WHOLE, not broken up in pieces!!!!

RE-CREATING THE STORY that was stolen (from e-mails with ABSAM)

by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN - who is FAKE personality.... She did not have my consent to steal from me. LEGAL ACTION is pending!!!

THe e-mails were for a TV DEAL - that was already pitched to SEVERAL PRODUCERS in the USA.

5000 of more emails are MISSING - some & most have been saved by me & LAWYERS. I am very very upset, as THESE were a timing thing... with the SUN, MOON & STARS....

and RELIGIOUS TIMING....... as well as timing of events.... & the progression of our love story.

THE LOVE that AHMED &Lisa Miceli share cannot be transfered from one person to another.... and cannot be re-created on TV or in books without me.

The THEFT is an act of DISRESPECT and increasing threatening criminal activity against me.

This is my company, I am allowed to have secrets AND I am allowed to have a private sex life with my FUTURE HUSBAND.

Paris HILTON stole the BFF SHOW. The FORBIDDEN FRUIT story has been lifted and re-created numerous times.

THE FBI says that it does not do PERSONAL PROTECTION, so WHY IS ANGE doing drugs with an FBI/DEA AGENT on my platforms, story, and BUSINESS PLANS??

HH SHEIKH MO told me to get more protection & security.

HH SHEIKHY AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai & I are still getting married. I expect to be married by EASTER WEEKEND.


ATTORNIES: CARLA DIMARE, JOHN GENGA, and GLORIA ALLRED appear to have spoken to Angelicque McQueen about Lisa A. Miceli's engagement to HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin Al Maktoum of Dubai.

Why is this?? It is not her life.

Then, she goes on You Tube and acts as a lawyer or an agent with my property... & using the AL MAKTOUM name & image & my private phone calls!!

I asked her to cease & desist a record number of times. She refuses to listen & continues to use STOLEN EMAILS, STOLEN LINGERIE (jewelry adn clothing) as her own property.

There is a police report filed in ANAHIEM, CA over the stolen property.

She is not Lisa Miceli - she does not have DANCE CERTIFICATES, REAL ESTATE LICENSES, & COLLEGE DEGREES among other AWARDS and certificates of achievement that I have recieved over the years!!


I had a horse with certificates and provcen record of showmanship.

ASBSAM is the LOVE of my life.... how can you say that you do not believe this and then contact him behind my back?

Please cease wtih the conspiracy. Please contact me directly, for business deals.


Lisa A. Miceli


That is all that you hear, and that is why you slander me... constantly!!!

Lisa Miceli's career is psychology..... and dance.

Lisa Miclei is currently dating ABSAM and he set up a blog for me. She was told to not be on the blogs and to leave HH & I alone!!!!

Lisa A. Miceli


AND GET PAID for it... please stop copying my work & putting your name and face it it.


ABSAM set up the blogs, as we are dating..... so SHUT UP, that HH SHeikh Ahmed & Lisa Miceli are not dating!!!

ASSA, is ABSAM's assistant, that calls me for ABSAM. He has others as well. Stop being a stalker, asn trying to take over my property and put it on your YOU TUBE!!

HH SHEIK MO told me to get more SECURITY!!!

Here comes the STALKER ANGE MCQUEEN trying to use his image and prevent me from blocking her out of my life.

She wants to be a psychiatrist now??? My psychology degrees are being misused & I am vbeing called crazy and she is sane.. WHAT??

Where is her employment and where is her degrees???

I do not want a stalker in my life - especially a females.

I told her to please leave me and ABSAM alone. I cancelled the TV project, because of her mouth & obsession wtih me & ABSAM!!

Listen people, I have to do my work and projecgts, if I am not married & being taken care of financially. STOP RUINING MY LIFE AND PLANS BY STALKING!!!!

ABSAM & Lisa Miceli already made plans, this isn not a competition for Lisa A. Miceli's life.

Lisa A. Miceli

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am trying to sue the person who is trying to steal..

via computer.. Kelly Scott (whoever that is) and Angelicque McQueen needs to stop stalking Lisa A. Miceli --- for dating, marrying, & getting ready to have children with ABSAM!!

THAT I THE JURISDICTION - in my opinion, as I am not suing the GOOGLE, YAHOO, or YOU TUBE people. I am only asking for a court order to reveal who is saying what and where they live.

So, I epxect DISTRICT MAGISTRATE BILL CHISHOLM to get this.. he is an experienced JUDGE.

Why would someone go to jail for a asking for a police report or to coordinate with other police over stolen property???

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER

BEVERLY HILLS, CA & lawyers...

That is who has jurisdiction over YAHOO, GOOGLE, and BLOGGER!

I OWN MY OWN MATERIAL..... and I am keeping track of it.... and asked for the switching of Lisa Miceli and Ange McQueen to cease.. IMMEDIATELY!!! was set up for me, Lisa A. Miceli.... the jurisdiction for most of my legal cases is in CA - APPARENTLY, but I will wait on a ruling from the DISTRICT COURT MAGISTRATE's OFFICE!!

ABSAM is not to be having sex on my family's name, with my friends, family members, enemies, or FORMER business partners.. i.e. ANGE MCQUEEN.

It is my money, not HERS.... & not even HIS - if she is pretending to be Lisa A. Miceli, which she is..

I want my privacty and my performance rights back..... ASAP!!

HE WAS MOVING TO CA - for Lisa A. Miceli - no one else.. he asks about my bed no one else's.

THE DNA TESTNG was for a TV SHOW that I CREATED adn own... not anyone else.

So, no invasion or privacy... Ange consented to sending me her documents for a TV SHOW, which does not include fucking ABSAM behind my back or meeting on my story and business and life!

STOP WITH THREATS to make me GIVE OVER my life or anything else, that I do not want to give over!!

Lisa A. Miceli

Friday, March 26, 2010

I OWN MY EMAILS & my phone calls.....

So, please.. stop with the lies... ABSAM wrote to Lisa A. Miceli since 10/ 2008.. about & for Lisa A. Miceli - no one else... and the addresses were set up for Lisa A. Miceli only.

STOP STALKING US PLEASE.... it is not a matter of mental health disorder, it is about criminal activity and lying... about who owns what...

That being said, I own my e-mails and I & I only act them out... whatever they contained.


ABSAM ASKED FOR ANGE MCQUEEN to speak for him... to ruin my career and my marriage!

These are lies.... that Lisa Miceli is NOT gettting married to ABSAM and that he is NOT traveling to see her when they both wish.....


PLEASE GET OFF my privacy & performance rights ASAP - or present a resume of what you can do with my licensed property.... or business for me to make money, from my own life - NOT JUST YOU!!!

ANYTHING but S.e.x... please.


Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!!

ANGE MCQUEEN & Lisa Miceli just talked on the phone..

And I told her to shut down her YOU TUBES of Lisa A. Miceli - as it is my life, not hers.

My phone calls, my material and information...... not hers.

I clearly cannot do any REAL BUSINESS in the USA, until ABSAM and Lisa Miceli are married. The deal was, ANGE does her life and Lisa Miceli does her life - similar stories -


People want to take it out of context and think that the can hve sex with us.... while we wait for our wedding night.

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!!

ALWAYS with you.... why I love ABSAM.

No matter if I am thinking psychology.... he is right there with me.... BEAUTIFUL SONG....

Mash Allah....

ABSAM is Lisa A. Miceli's JOB!!

I have 2 TV SHOWS in talks and a book deal, that is much delayed at this point.

ABSAM says that he never met any of my friends... or enemies.

I listen to his words, not schemers and scam artists... but I asked for a PEEK at his VISA, in case.

So, not I am not a stupid woman.....

Thank you!!


Lisa A. Miceli

THESE ARE NOT LIES - by Lisa Miceli

Please mind your own business..... not MINE AND ABSAM!!!

He is on a plane to visit Lisa A. Miceli ... WHY?? b/c he knows my business inside and out, and is not allowed to give other women my information.

If you want to be a psychologist, go to COLLEGE.

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!!

Lisa Miceli had sex chats & airplane sex chats with ABSAM

ANGELIcQUE MCQUEEN and others are stalking Lisa A. Miceli and revealing her life on YOU TUBE and GOGGLE. WEDDING CRASHERS????

If these people have a problem with psychology or the law, take it up with the right people, not Lisa A. Miceli.

My wedding has notihng to do with either issue... and my marriage is not an open marriage.

My wedding has been discussed since 10/2008... please stop with the threats, interference, and libel of both ABSAM & Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What am I doing & what am I saying??

Backing the people out of our marraige, me and ABSAM.

DEAR CELEBRITIES, please do not use your celebrity to attack individuals and their marriage or families. Please do not judge us under a harsh light of hate, prejudice, and ignorance.

Friday, March 19, 2010

ABSAM THE CON ARTIST... Lisa Miceli in hot pursuit

of intellectual property.... that was converted from Lisa Miceli to Angelicque McQueen for her benefit.

LAWYERS will have to do the lawsuit on MONDAY... and there after.

IS CHUBBYMONSTR = Lisa Miceli???

YES... but it does not matter, I have his cellphone number.... either way.

I have my wedding dresss, my lingerie, and waiting on...... jewelry.

I actually love my dress and my dinner plans.


What I need to be with Oscar Del A HOYA now.. for Angelicque McQueen, since she cross-marketed my sex life with hers, b/c Raj is BROKE.

SHE IS SICK - she tried to push me into sex with all of the OSCAR DEL A HOYA organization now, when I am engaged to ABSAM..... per his choice.


I annnouce my engagement to ABSAM, and I have how many women claiming they are now Lisa Miclei and can pretend to be me..... YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to be Lisa A. Miceli.

If you think that he is fake... you are crazy.... this is my sex life, you shook him down for what?? BILLIONS and me down for what?? MILLIONS.

Get a job.... find your own man and stop making threats..... the police and the FBI do thier jobs, they need to eat too.

So, quit while you are ahead.

I did not invite any of you into my bed, I am geting married, That means stop trafficknig women in my marrriage. It is not a competition, it is not a race, it is my love life.

He told me that he loved me.. and wanted to marry me. I said yes... and he sent the wedding dress after proposing to me.

I have my own businesses. They are being stolen.. and the reports were filed....

ABSAM says that he does not know Ange McQueen.. lol.

I am taking ABSAM to court - he can confess to the courts.... and Ange McQueen can go to jail - for my TV DEAL - being misused and spun in an UNACCEPTABLE manner.



Ange crossed the line FOLKS and thinks that she will marry ABSAM - never will happen - she will be arrested by the FBI - for use of stolen property... for her commercial gain...


This si my private life.... and my son. Leave me alnoe. Theer is no sellnig my behind my back, b/c you will be prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

ANGE MCQUEEN is a hooker who took inforamtion under false pretenses.

Lisa Miceli is not your match-maker, this was my BUSINESS deal, and she showed up on my BEHALF with the ACE of SPADES that he presented to me, for the proof of my son's paternity.

It is my TV SHOW - I do not have to prove anything to anyone.... everone online lies & stalks and cheats ... leave me alone!!

ANGE - you are a whorte, that I told to not do anything without calling me, as I am this man's wife - YOU DISRESPECTED LISA A. MICELI... you are going to jail!!

NOTHING - DINNER DATE FIRST... then another baby!!


Lisa A. Miceli


Do not have any contact with ABSAM, unless one of his wives are present, that being Lisa A. Miceli.

Ange McQueen stalked me to meet with ABSAM - for the TRUTH about Lisa Miceli and ABSAM - you are mentally sick and a criminal. EXTORTION!!

Wish you the best of luck in the courts.

NO, ABSAM cannot and no man can have sex with everyone and anyone that he wants.

Even so, you do not own me or my life... to use at your disposal.

Angelicque McQueen switched everything online, right??

Too bad, ABSAM knows the truth... about Lisa A. Miceli. Lisa Miceli got there first. Ange has a pattern of stalking for THE TRUTH... to have sex and get paid for it....

Leave ABSAM and Lisa Miceli alone.

I feel sorry for MICHAEL JORDAN - all of the stalkers.


Hopefully, gifts from ABSAM..... after dinner.

Come to this blog please and post your thoughts.

My graduate schooling is on break right now. So, Lisa Miceli can start a family with ABSAM.

He tells me everything and what to say, Ange McQueen.

ABSAM is not a crazy person, he would not tell oyu to attack me, and then back me.. counter-productive?? I think so. NARROW your focus ABSAM to Lisa A. Miceli.

CLEVER.... trying to get me somewhere, different from where ANGE McQueen is going?? I think so.

I do not have a contract for mental health, I have numerous wedding proposals, a wedding dress, and lingerie and a dinner date.

MY SECRET TATTOOS.... for protection, from false accusations of cheating by Agne McQueen. Who is she?? MY LESBIAN lover?? NO... so please stop.

Do not contact Absam, without his wife being aware and invited, very very rude. Lisa Miceli is the wife.

I love Dubai. I apologize for the crazy, lack of sensivite and embarassing comments that have been made, with the intent to harm me and my family.

ABSAM claimed that he did not know any of you people, prior to me. STOP YOUR JEALOUSY, please.

ABSAM is marrying Lisa A. Miceli. Mental illness is treatable. I cannot be professional with such immature and low-ball, personal attacks on me.

My sincerest apologies.

Lisa A. Miceli - ABSAM wife NUMBER 3

NO GIFTS OR SEXUAL FAVORS... for my wedding!

Lisa Miceli is marrying ABSAM - thank you!!!!

NO please. NO CHALLENGING please.

Lisa A. Miceli + HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai = FOREVER.

Most of you did not hear of him prior to Lisa A. Miceli in the USA, so please STOP STALKING US and trying to write our life story (with you in it).

THIS IS LISA A MICELI's courtship with ABSAM...

being ruined by other women. HOW RUDE!!

I told you that I am taking time off for my husband, and you need to stop contacting him behind my back and making deals with him without me being aware of it.

DEALS should be for busioness - not for PROSTITUTION/SEX for money.

This is my husband, he needs to comfort me adn me him.... please, respect our privacy, so we can marry, have children, & do business with other people - legit business.

You should not be breaking into our heads.. so we can hear you. I did not tell my sex life with ABSAM.

I wrote a book about Michael Jordan and the USA laws.

I told you of my pending marriage to ABSAM. Nothing else. Marriage is two people = not other women. Please respect our marriage.

I can assure you that I am not interested in any lesbian affairs or threesomes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


and invading my privacy... over. MEANING I OWN IT.. what I say, I own. IT IS MY PHONE TOO!! I actually paid for the phone call!! IDIOT!!

I am not your lawyer or your agent or your match-maker.


Your were my slack and are now fired from me, for lying, cheating, and sabetoging my business and interference with contractual relationships.

THE BOOK was due out NOV 2009. My wedding was for OCT 2009!

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE ANGE, SHUT THE HECK UP - you have a confidentiality agreement that I do not have!!!

So, that makes you a prostitute in the USA - targeting me & my FUTURE HUSBAND. THESE ARE CRIMES, DUMMY... that does not make you a PRINCESS.

It makes you a criminal..... so, please leave me alone.


ALL of the stalkers trying to get in bed with ABSAM, you are going to jail, if you are caught.

This is not the MIDDLE EAST, this is USA of AMERICA.

You do not disrespect me in my own country, for ANNOUNCING MY WEDDING TO HIS HIGHNESS.


EMBARASSMENT and apologies:

CARLA DIMARE, JOHN GENGA, ANGE MCQUEEN & her accomplices who tried to say that I was not enaged to ABSAM & then stalked me & him, to get into our bed and head illegally!!

I AM DEEPLY, DEEPLY HURT BY ALL OF THIS & wish that it would cease.

You disrespected me & ABSAM- with your lies, CON ARTIST, CRAZY-MAKER (IMPLYING THEFT), FAKE, CHEATER, LIAR, PEDOPHILE, etc, etc.. when I ANNOUNCED my engagement to ABSAM in 10/ 2008.....

CHARGES FOR ALL CRIMES AGAINST LISA MICELI ARE PENDING..... and will be enforced to the greatest extent of the law.

OCTOBER 20009 - ABSAM was to marry Lisa A. Miceli.... imposter who is my place for an ACE OF SPADES DEAL???

I AM FURIOUS.... it is not illegal in the USA, to ask for a DNA TEST in private, to get a police report to stop HARASSMENT, and to write a book about my own life.


HH SHEIKH MO told me to get security.... I listened to him.

NO ONE in the USA or MIDDLE EAST is allowed to stand in the way of Lisa Miceli getting married to ABSAM & having more children.

A MARRIAGE is two people, not three or more, or whatever... in the middle of a marriage, disparaging us for money.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ANGE's SHEIKh's phone number...

714-743-7898 RAJ, the deal maker.. what deal did he make on my property and STORY??


Ange is messing with me adn my SHEIKH - and then making threats to kill me after stealing from me, money, clothing, and inforamtion.

ABSAM ADMITED TO EXTORTION adn fRAUD adn I am taking it to the DA's office.

Thanks ladies for fucking up my marriage- make you feel powerful, when you are sent to prison for stalking ME???

ABSAM is going to jail for making terroristic threats against me online!!!

ANGE MCQUEEN IS A LIAR.. she thinks that she can walk in my shoes & be me, messing with TWO MEN, MJ & ABSAM - over my son, Dante a 5 yr old!!!

ABSAM IS CALLING ME AT 3AM?? Wonder what he wants?? NOT ANGE MCQUEEN...


ABSAM called me to go to the which with the refrigator.... air blown!! WOO HOO!!!

Lisa A. Miceli

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


DANTE WANTS MORE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.... AHMED says that I have to be married to him first... I said yes. HE PROPOSES all of the time.

STONING FOR CHEATERS.... do not think that ABSAM is a cheater or a liar!!!

He says that he never met Ange McQueen or the other stalkers online.. who are making threats to Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa Miceli contacted ABSAM directly.. please do not use my future husband private e-mail adress, it could not be more rude of you to do so.

MANDY AND I CHATTED ON TE ROYALTY FORUM back in 2004... I know ange McQyueen never heard of ABAM then.. THE SPINSTER who is spinngi Lisa Miceli out of her own life with threats - ios going to prison.. so I can marry adn have my own children.

KELLY SCOTT, ANGE MCQUEEN, and others, I am not a lesbian.. I am HH SHEIKH AHMED's future wife.. HAVE SOME RESPECT for me, my privacy and my future husband.

STOP COPYING US.... and get mental help!!



They are rude as rude can be ..... with their media stalking and invading my privacy and false accusations of stalking them. THEY WISH!!

I WENT SHOPPING IN THE UK wih ABSAM.. I dyed my hair blonde and I made him take a bath, her smelled like CAMEL CRAP... & then we went to a private show of CIRQUE SOLIEL.. his bodyguards set the deal up.. for shopping... and private dining.

So, now I have a bad brown hair dye job, my hair did not adjust well to the change...


WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, ANGE VMCQUEEN, but an unbalanced STALKER of Lisa Miceli???

Oh, OSCAR DEL A HOYA, did he not pay you $10,000 a month to SHUT THE HELL UP.. so you are what??? SPINNING LISA A. MICELI's love life... whne she is marrying a ROYAL who promised her everything in the world!!!

CLASSY ENTERTAINMENT.. no, my family did not pay for her and I hope that the AL MAKTOUM's did not either.

NOT WHAT I HAVE IN MIND for a wedding ceremony or gift.

She will not leave me laone, taping phone calls, that asked for her to stop... SIMPLY STOP CONTACTING AHMED AND LISA MICELI....


She did not know MJ & stalked me when I was with him as well.

I AM EXPECTING A COURTSHIP with AHMED & she is trying to get nude and cause scandal on my WEDDING AND COURTSHIP.. and then making threats, why?
She did not know of him... she is NUTS!!

I NEVER INVITED THIS WOMAN INTO MY LIFE with AHMED.. she was a fraudulent business deal.. when I have contracts to put together a TV show.. in fact, two offers on the talbe and a book deal.


NOT JUST NO, HELL NO.... SHAR JACKSON AND ANGE MCQUEEN stalk other women for men, I PRES CHARGES, no mattewer how famous you think that you are. I can make you more famous - INFAMOUS, if you do not leave me alone!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

PLEASE KEEP my wedding photos offd the internet

and videos until I say so...

Thank you.

Lisa A. Miceli


the comment page?? I am asking... a direct question.

MONEY?? You want me to pay you to WHACK ME?? Is that what you are saying?? GOOD LUCK with that, since 2007?? No one willing to do the job for you???

ANGE MCQUEEN IS A THEIF AND NEEDS TO BE JAILED for asking for a JIMMY JONES SUICIDE for her mental health problems...... not nice palying with people's minds, ANGE MCQUEEN. GROW UP CHILD, ANGE MCQUEEN.... and live in the adult world.

The rest is none of your business who I marry & why. I tell him everything, so he does not need your spin. We will not pay for it, YOU WILL!!! lol, lol... for every word that is a copy of mine or a lie or a threat.

What engagement parties of my own have I MISSED?? Everyone knows that Lisa Miceli loves a party..... lol, lol.

Where are my gifts..... anyone receiving my property under false pretenses (LIES, CONSPIRACY)??

I am being LIBELED for MARRIAGE & having a baby...


THE MEN CHOSE LISA A. Miceli, so I guess you need to get over it..... & leave me alone.

Take up your problems with me with a shrink or Michael Jordan, not Lisa A. Miceli over Dante.

I am getting married to ABSAM.

Whenever Lisa Miceli makes any money or marries well, EVERYONE comes out of the woodwork wanting a piece of the MONEY.. HOW IGNORANT!! NOT LEGAL in the USA!!!

You ask before you steal, cheat, and lie... on my marriage.... which I announced 10/2008.

You need to call me in your office to work with me, feel my life, or play off of me. I am not your property.

I am the property of my FUTURE HUSBAND, NOT ANGE MCQUEEN.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

COMMENT PAGE are Ange McQueen fans..

That tells me?

1. They do not know the meaning of the word NO. b/c I asked Angelicque McQueen to stop shopping my life for over a year now on YOU TUBE. She is still up. MY PHONE CALLS - MY CONTENT - not hers, b/c I spoke to her on the phone.

2. They do not accept my wedding to ABSAM and will not shut down and talk about MJ and other men, even though told to stop.

3. They will rape me if I marry ABSAM and try and get pregnant, as Angelicque McQueen got pregnant by another man other than her hubby.

4. They do not respect ABSAM as he controls our wedding, our courtship, and our family planning.

5. ABSAM picked out the wedding dress, not me. ABSAM controls my life right now and ther eis nothing that I can do bout it... ask the police, they said it was harassment for me to call them and ask them to shut down web-sites.

6. They think that they own what they do not.. ME, MY LIFE, MY STORY, MY BUSINESS, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENSHIPS, etc, etc. CONTROLLING, MUCH??

7. I SENT EMAILS TO ABSAM that you do not respect him or his privacy or his future wife, that he chose, not jsut me, which is Lisa A. Miceli.

ABSAM is going to starrt building a bank account for Lisa Miceli

STARTING with INSURANCE for Lisa Miceli & DANTE.

Even though, he smells like camel crap and I threw up......

He asked me to wear my wedding dress last night..... after a long courtship.

I asked him if it was b/c I was in my SILVER SNAKE DRESS & 4 inch SILVER SHOES, like I jsut fell from the MOTHER SHIP??

NOW... waiting on the JEWELRY..... as promised.

ABSAM - has better characgter, I think.. than that.

I know that his MUSLIM BROTHERS will find the truth... and those who see and saw photos of me online, know that I wax my mustache and stay in shape, in after the baby.

TRUE LOVE BIRDS and fans of marraige, will find this REPULSIVE if he is cheating on me with every HOLLYWOOD BLONDE who steals from me.

What is the point?? My body is plastic too and it is my mind.... so what is the issue???

I am now being called delusional b/c of the lies... so please.

THINK CLEARLY.... adn realize what comes aronud goes around!!

Lisa A. Miceli

I want to have sex with whomever you all are stalking...

MY FUTURE HUSBAND.. please slam me online, if it makes you think that you have a chance with my husband, as hideous as the females look and behave that are stalking me.

HH SHEIKH MO, the RULER of DUBAI and the VP of UAE, told me to get more security.

So, please.. stop STEALNG AND LIBELING ME, and thinking that you are a PRINCESS, unless you want a mental health committment or a jail sentence.

I EARNED MY DeGREES AND MY CERTIFICATES, did not stalk, go crazy, or make threats, and then get naked, steal, & do drugs on camera with someone else's material ... for a man!!

WONDER WHY OSCAR will not pay her bills?? Is he suing her doctor for malpractice??


HE IS NOT EVERY CHUBBYMONSTER that writes onlines... filth and hatred towards his own future wife. PLEASE GET REAL and get off the internet.

I go to school online and personally chat with my future husband. MARRIAGE is two people, not others.

I asked for business contracts to work cooperatively, anything else is theft... IDEAS are copyrighted as well as exact words. It is Lisa A. Miceli and she dated MJ and others and is getting married to ABSAM, according to ABASM.

Lisa A. Miceli


TEENAGER IMMIGRANT FROM SICILY comes to AMERICA and marries and builds a 95 years in business FRUIT AND PRODUCE company that was a staple to the MEADVILLE, PA AREA, servicing schools, hopsitals, restraurants and even some grovery stores when needed.

DONATIONS and real estate purchased from the business. Several families lived off the store.

Sorry, no MAFIA stories.... in this family, at least none that I have ever heard of.

ALL ITALIAN friends and family... even real GOD PARENTS who are a dream come true.

NEVER wavered in their support of me, except for my father.

Lisa Miceli went on to do her own things.... an meet her own friends and try & start a family.

THE WOMEN mocking my wedding...

Are you prostitutes?? COMMON WHORES??? No thank you.

You are taking ENTERTAINMENT way too far.... and I am not happy.

SOUTHERN ACCENT... mocking that. I lived in NC for 15 years and made some great friendships.

I have tired to turn this around so many times and be grateful for the FAME... but things have not come together yet....

THANK YOU for those who stayed on as friends while I tried to marry.... very sad for the friends that I lost on the way.

I never sold you out...... do not know what happened. I lost control of my own stories. THE USA COURTS will find out the truth this month.

LAWYERS have ben called to see what is going on and why, I am being cheated in business when I make plans to marry and make the announcement!!

It is not like people could not get in touch with me.. I had over 5000 e-mails in my accounts in jsut one, so everyone knew that I was the one getting married and WHY.

Lisa A. Miceli


as proof of ownership.... my e-mails are already online.

PHOTOS are next as well.
HE SENT ME PHOTOS of his other families and the PASSING of those photos... will be mentioned, as some women are taking this tooo far.

Lisa Miceli is getting married, not MURDERED or committing suicide.....

MY ITALIAN FAMILY & friends are always ready for a party and a gift giving - even something small as friendship. It is TRADITION!!

RUMORS of cheating.... are not funny. I was faithful since 10/2008.

I read online that business went beyond business for some of these women from the USA on my copyrights.

THIS IS LISA MICELI's story.... and always has been... will post photos of my friends, from each stage of my life.

HOPEFULLY, a wedding will be soon...... to come & visit me and celebrate my big news!!

Dante is 4 FEET tall... and doing well, although always sick.


HH Sheikh Ahmed & I planned a wedding prior to PARIS HILTON being in the picture.. as I started a media company with my book FORBIDDEN FRUIT about Dante, the love child of Lisa A. Miceli and UNKNOWN FATHER.

The child is bi-racial, but Miss Miceli had an on again and off again AFFAIR with Michael Jordan basketball great causing his divorce, not once but twice.

I have ben friends wioth numerous athletes and business people over the years of living and schooling and working in NC.

I TRIED TO PLAN A LITTLE GATHERING at Pete Loftin's in MIAMI, FL.... what happened to my party??

IT APPEARS my GRAND WEDDING STORY is being MISUSED.... and not credited to Lisa A. Miceli... the owner of the story.

NOW, EVERYONE INVOVLED is being IUNVESTIGATED by the FBI for EXTORTION, FRAUD, STALKING, and HARASSment, instead of the WEDDING of Lisa A. Miceli and HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai. I ANNOUNCED AND IT SAVED THE WEDING PROPOSALS.. at least 5 times he propsoed to me.... saved each one!!!

WHY?? Threats against the bride, drugs, & GIFTS, SEX, and trips with PROSTITUTES, instead of a lovely and respectable courtship iwth Lisa A. Miceli.


YES, I have a wedding dress... & it is mine. It was mailed not hand-delivered like it was supposed to.

SOME DELUSIONAL WOMEN think that CHUBBYMONSTER means something that it does not ... an INDIAN MAN... NOT MY HUSBAND!! THE INDIAN man who is ange's man is in the USA - CA to be exact, not HH Sheikh Ahmed.. who is MIDDLE EASTERN.

PLEASE stop mising families and wedding stories..... I am being defrauded in business and cheated out of my our courtship adn wedding...


It meant shopping at BARNEYS of NYC.

I AM AND HAVE BEEN ENGAGED to HH Sheikh Ahmed of Dubai since 10/2008.. RECEIVED my dress FEB 1, 2010.... and told to it on SATURDAY NIGHT!!

I set up a company for friends and family to do business with me.... way back with MJ. THE BUSINESS now, seems to be one of discrediting Lisa Miceli with stolen property.... not happy.

I love my family and friends..... truly. BUT, some people do not listen adn take things way too far on my wedding story...

I will admit that I am very very hurt right now. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES for friendship.... with bad busniess deals.

SO, please ENLIGHTEN ME.. I only know what HH Sheikh Ahmed's tells me.. if that makes me crazy, please enlighten me!!

I guess that I have to do YOU TUBE???

Friday, March 5, 2010

ANYONE who thinks that they are Lisa Miceli....

Thinks that they can speak for Lisa Miceli or act on my behalf without being me or have a contract with me, needs to be reported for FRAUD!!

ABSAM proposed to Lisa A. Miceli. THE MJ case is over.... and has been.


Seperate from mine.... Ange McQueen???

I never met OSCAR, AUDI, RICHARD SHAEFFER, etc, etc....

I met you one time and Raj, when you saw my story online and contacted me!!!

I had other business, so met you once in CA prior to being engaged to ABSAM.

I moved on.... I am not judging you. I wish you the best without me!!!

I am marrying the man that I chose.... stop cross-marketing and bad business dealing my MARRIAGE!!

ABSAM is marrying Lisa A. Miceli.... and needs to provide everything that he promised me, without your interference please!!

Ange is a liar!!!


CON ARTIST, CRAZY MAKER SHEIKH that Ange McQueen talks about is Lisa A. Miceli's FUTURE HUSBAND that promised Ange McQueen NOTHING and never stole from Ange McQueen. ABSAM PROMISED LISA. A. Miceli shopping and a courtship fit for a ROYAL!!

So, was she trying to support Lisa Miceli is an inappropriate manner, YES!!

ANGE MCQUEEN needs to be in jail, using her $10,000 a month in child support to interfere with Lisa A. Miceli and make her son sick... b/c she thinks that CHUBBY..... means something to her that it does not....

ANGE MCQUEEN you are a FOOL.. take care of your son & RAJ, the INDIAN and your daughter.

ABSAM sent the wEDDING DRESS FEB 1 st, 2010.

IT IS MY HUBBY's ADDRESS.... which he set up for me EXCLUSIVELY!!

SHOPPING IN THE UK, was for Lisa A. Miceli - for both business and pleasure.. b/c the UK ROYALS did not know who Lisa A. Miceli is.. and that was the issue for the TABLOIDS.

The TV SHOW was for our children ANGE and I, so that AHMED adn Lisa Miceli could have a courtship.... before marraige.

I CREATED THE TV SHOW b/c of MJ & my son... and setting up a blog online since 12/2005.

Kelly Scott stole the INFORMATION, she is from MEDINA, OH, not SHEIKH AHMED.

Dancing with her, means that you are a criminal like her.. STEALING from Lisa A. Miceli & then making threats against Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa A. Miceli + HH SHEIKH AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai = FOREVER!!

WHERE IS MY UK SHOPPING TRIP AND MY SECURITY for my TV SHOW?? I am the one that wrote to ABSAM, not Ange McQueen. I AM THE ONE THAT ABSAM PROMISED THE NEW LIFE.. many many times.

ABSAM promised Lisa A. Miceli personally... not for TV.. but REAL LIFE!! DELUSIONAL, MUCH???

THERE ARE PEOPLE who do not know TRUTH & REALITY from fiction and fantasy.. and ruin others lives with thier IMPRACTICALITY!!!

LISA MICELI WAS PROMISED EVERYTHING BY ABSAM...... I hope that he is a con artist and crazy maker to other women... HE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lisa A. Miceli steals from herself and ONE UPS herself...

and in private, to ABSAM.

NO NEED to copy me.... if you do not know that you are copying me, & it is a copying of me, you are stalking and need to cease!!

Thank you.. so I can do my work. THERE IS ONLY ONE LISA A. Miceli that dated MJ and ABSAM!! and the others that I dated.

Sorry, I lost control of over 10 web-sites, blogs, & You Tubes... using my information. Please stop, this is my private life, unless you are CREDIBLE NEWS MEDIA, with a news worthy story.

Lisa A. Miceli

There are women in the MILITARY ANGE.

Are you in the MILITARY??? NOPE. Ange McQueen is a liar, b/c she wants my ABSAM to investigate her... she is nuts. THE FBI and CIA and the LOCAL POLICE investigate crimes in the USA, not DUBAI.

FAKE SHEIKH, CON ARTIST SHEIKH, CRAZY-MAKER SHEIKH, etc, etc.. NOT ANGE MCQUEEN's SHEIKH... to make comments about. I do not know who Ange McQueen is talking about.

He was none of those things, until Ange McQueen found out that ABSAM proposed to Lisa A. Miceli secretly..... then she went on her attack with LIES!!

I know who you are based on your comments now, at the comment page. NO NEED for someone else to have a baby for me... I can have my own. No one lying and telling me that I am not talking to whom I say, as I have his phone numbers as well.

MEDINA, OH and ANAHIEM, CA and RALIGH, NC your conspiracy game is over.. on my ENGAGEMENT TO ABSAM and my company. MY FEDERAL PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION lawyer will love this lawsuit.

THE FBI HAVE THE SAME INFORMATION as the POLICE, and they know that you stole from me & then made your FALSE claims.. I NEER PROMISED YOU ANYTHING & never did ABSAM.

ABSAM PROMISED to be a LOYAL AND FAITHFUL HUSBAND to Lisa A. Miceli and give her more children and provided for her.

Lisa A. Miceli's LAWYERS IN THE USA, have those private conversations. SORRY, ugly whores, find someone else to prostitute yourself to... ANGE, you suck, if ABSAM is taking money from your checking account, from DEVON's money, LOL. Did you make threats??

STOP DISRESPECTING LISA A MICELI or criminal charges will be filed and prosecuted!!
STOP CONTACTING ABSAM behnid Lisa A. Miceli's back ... it is my company & my MARRIAGE.
Remember the TREASON?? LISTEN to me, Lisa Miclei is Lisa A. Miceli, not Ange McQueen and not anyone else... you, not me, are DELUSIONAL!! You need mentally committed, while I live my life in peace and prosperity.

I SAID NO... to other women. KELLY WERNER, KELLY SCOTT, ANGE MCQUEEN PAM, PARIS, and others.... find your own man and use your own property or I will exercise my rights in the courts.

I HAVE MY PROOF, deleted or not, it can be recovered..... so please. ANGE, get a grip... ABSAM never heard of you prior to Lisa A. Miceli.... and ghe heard of me, as his FUTURE WIFE!! You heard of HIM AS MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!

Are you mentally retarded ANGE?? and the others. NO MEANS NO!!! Mind your own business and ABSAM and Lisa Miceli are NOT your business.

Lisa A. Miceli


WHITE COLLAR CRIMES... stealing stories &

spying on so-called friends and sabetoging their business.. SOUND FAMILIAR ANGE MCQUEN??

Lisa Miceli's business contacts are Lisa Miceli's.. businedss contacts. Lisa Miceli is marrying ABSAM.

STOP ACTING AS MY SCREEN (ANYONE IN HOLLYWOOD).. it is not about you.... tell your own story, & do not use me. DIFFERENT LAWS apply in different countries!!!

PIMP yourself to others, not me or my future husband... SHAKING MY HEAD AT HE DISRESPECT!!!

Lisa A. Miceli + HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin Al Maktoum of Dubai = FOREVER.

Wedding date is being set.... PRIVATELY!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It does not take a genius.. to try and hack an e-mail address..

and delete whole accounts, in malice. I met her once in my life. ABSAM says that he never met her. What is the problem with me marrying?? I have dated rich rich rich people in the past.

I am studied and my family has money. My book will bring in money.... and hopefully forgiveness for others. Thank you HH Sheikh MO from DUBAI... wise advice. MASH ALLAH!!

Angelicque McQueen is a nasty desperate individual who needs mental health counseling... not an ARAB PRINCE who is held in very very high esteem in the MIDDLE EAST. SHALOM Ange McQueen.

She is trying to destroy Lisa Miceli and ABSAM and thinks that it is amusing or worthy of attention.

She is blocked from my mind. Praise ALLAH, it took forever, for her schemes to be revealed to law enforcement to get the proper security.

YOU CANNOT CHOSE your family, but you can chose your spouse.... CHOSE WISELY and treat kindly.

I CHOSE ABSAM over and over again.....

All my love,

Lisa A. Miceli


Please release Angelicque McQueen from Lisa Miceli and ABSAM's life... What was going on in MICHIGAN, please??

Please contact me directly, if you want to use me in anyway, I am kind and friendly.

I have redo all videos, b/c Ange was hacking and stealing

Lisa Miceli and ABSAM's private e-mails... not jsut beingf posted onlnie for all to exploit illegally, but also her private YOU TUBE videos.. my storylnie, and her face and name.

I am more into TOURISM than propoganda... Ange is in the USA, not the MIDDLE EAST, so it is really really offensive to me her media.

I love the Al Maktoum's and Dubai.


I will do some dancing and showing off my clothing on You Tube... Ange McQueen is disturbing my senses tremendously....

I danced & will show old footage as well as certificates.. that is what I did... for years.

SOME STUFF for my future husband and his family..... from the old days.

RELAXING dancing soon as well...... not Ange McQueen's abusive, BI -POLAR DISORDER MEDIA trying to stalk a royals future wife.

Lisa A. Miceli + ABSAM = FOREVER!!!

Lisa Miceli has other thinngs to do with her time...

than be pestered by Angelicque McQueen & her lies.

CHUBBYMUNST.... is ABSAM, who set up the account for me, for SHOPPING PURPOSES... not anyone else.

Ange McQueen is revealing my shopping contactws online... an they are not hers.

STOP STALKING LISA A. MICELI ANGE MCQUEEN adn focus on yor own life.. and our marraiges to AUDI & RAJ... the father of your children. Ange learns nothing, she is back to stalking for sex, drgus, adn money, another woman's future husband.

I have my own TV CHANNEL to create and my own business deals that she is trying to ruin, by expodimg NOTHING.... NO CRIMES of Lisa A. Miceli.

Ange is a big girl, older than the men that she husteledd for money as a stripper... she knows that drugs are illegal in the USA.
She knows that adultery is frowned upon in the USA and other parts of the world.

She is trying to attach her drugs usage to my FAMILY's CANCER.. does not get much more low than that. My uncle is a JUDGE in the SUPERIOR COURT which did her PATERNITY!! She was slamming him as well, thinks that she gets ABSAM, since EVERYONE screwed up on her case....

STALKER of Lisa A. Miceli..... leave us be!!

She is a nutcase, EXTORTIONIST who doe not give a hoot who she hurts.... mind your own business and please... GET A JOB!!! I do not have to be nice to you.. you ruined everything that I was working on... repeatedly.

I am a future wife... you stalk me, copy me or block me from my ABSAM, YOU, go to jail!!!

He asked for LAME's hand in marriage, not YOURS!!

IS ABSAM SMOKING POOT WITH ANGE MCQUEEN on camera?? Ange McQueen wants you to think so... THAT IS LIBEL- the INNDUENDO!!!

EXTORTION of Lisa A. Miceli......

STOP STEALING from Lisa A. Miceli's business...

Lisa Miceli has the right to control how her name and image is being used in the USA.

That being said, do not lift my material, and send it to TABLOIDS and then the tabloids sell it to the ENTERTAINMENT GROUPS...... YOU MUST BE MY LAWYER OR MY AGENT!!!!

You are cutting ome out of my own business and my own life.. and putting in antoher nobody who wants to be a somebody, AKA ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN.

Lisa Miceli is marrying ABSAM and Angelicque McQueen needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!!

FOCUS on RAJ and OSCAR... not Lisa A. Miceli.

I am not a lesbian..... and I am not a cheater or a liar!!

I am not gonig to be in the USA... when I marry!!

I am not your pie... or your piece of the pie.... so please, stop stalking me and copying me.

If you want to go into business with me, please contact me.

DANCING with the STARS..... I am going to apply, after 17 years of DANCE EXPERIENCE.
ALLADIn was where my son was conceived in Las Vegas, NEVADA.

Pamela Anderson Lee up to her old tricks, so I am being THREATENED with JAIL again for filing for a police report for stolen property???

Last time, it was the DNA TEST, and I was threatened with JAIL...
SORRY, Pam and the others, cannot and will not help you.... THEFT IS THEFT!!


All of my priviledged communications are being exposed... think that is legal??

RIDDLE ME THIS Ange McQueen, stop copying me IDIOT!!

ANGE is with an INDIAN man named RAJ...

being a RACIST BITCH.... in her garage targeting me with her media... about OSCAR and her life, in advance of any TV DEAL.... mostly propaganda for her... and trying to hurt Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM's reputations.

Our courtship has been legal and legit..... and I now have a wedding dress at my house waiting for the big day.

Angelicque McQueen wants violence, either another suicide attack or for me to commit suicide. She is a nasty nasty and evil person, b/c of her own jealousies and personal character flaws.

Please encourage her to get mental help, please!!

Dante is being adopted by ABSAM.... stop lookiing for a father, you are in my private life when the decisions have been made.

Please stop, after 5 years, I can move on.. and marry & have a family that is faithful.

Ange McQueen chose a life of dishonesty.... not Lisa A. Miceli.

Please Lisa A. Miceli fans and supporters, help stop the fraud ANGE MCQUEEN & bear witness to my faithfulness and love for ABSAM.

Lisa Miceli is not a blonde & not a member of the GOTTI family... so the MAFIA associations need to cease. I am happy to do business with a contract... for business.

THINK about what you are saying prior to opening your mouth about me and my family. You bear false witness, you will be punished. You lie, cheat or steal from me, you will be punished.

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN IS EXTORTING FROM LISA A MICELI.... Ange McQueen admitted to cheating on her hubby and proving it with OSCAR's baby... her choice.

I asked for her to sell her story to MEXICO, not the MIDDLE EAST.....

I asked Ms McQueen to stop posting my phone calls online... of me telling her to stop and to editing the swearing. .. SHE EDITED her nude photos did she not???

FIND YOUR RICH DRUG DEALER IN MEXICO ANGE MCQUEEN & stop lying.. Raj is an average INDIAN man, not a member of the ROYAL FAMILY of DUBAI.

Lisa Miceli's baby with ABSAM.....

The men own the children.... not the women, after 9 years is what I am being told. I asked lawyers in DUBAI already.

I hire lawyers in the USA and in DUBAI. Lisa Miceli is not practicing law or medicine, in either place.

I am getting ready to marry..... please stop twisting my life when I asked for privacy and respect.

NO ONE INVITED Ange McQueen into my marriage..

So, why she persists, after she ruined my TV deal & now trying to ruin my marraige, is beynod me??

We asked for her to stay away from us....

I TOLD ALL FEMALES to stop writing to ABSAM an stop leaking his e-mail address online.

Please, be kind, and tell Ange McQuen to mind her own busines, which is not ABSAM.. she is doing more harm than good, with nothing but lies about Lisa A. Miceli.

I do not drink and I do not cheat on ABSAM and I do not lie.... you feel compelled to reveal Lisa A. Miceli an Dante, then I can expose you adn your lies and your family as well, only LEGALLY~

What some of these parties are doing is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL in the USA as well.

Pick yor punishment, for knowingly committing crimes.. in the USA or DUBAI, where you chose to live. THESE ARE CHOICES PEOPLE!!!

Lisa Miceli chose ABSAM = FOREVER!!!

ANGE MCQUEEN is not my lawyer or agents....

neither is RAJ... my lawyer or agent and that means I am not theirs either.

These is my property rights..... from my book deal and my private e-mails from lamiceli2007@yahoo to ABSAM, that we clearly stolen. YAHOO has the reports and my lawyers have the originals. Ange McQueen is stalking my lawyers as well as contacting my friends and family behind my back. ANGE MCQUEEN was never my lover and neither was RAJ. I asked for this harassment to cease and desist.

Putting your face and name to my material, does not make me you... it PUTS M Y LIFE IN DANGER, b/c you are a jealous IDIOT stalking me, hoping to gain power.... from my life.

Ange McQueen is in the USA... doing drugs on camera with a DEA AGENT's name and badge.

Please..... AUTOPSY GIRL.... (ANGE MCQUEEN).... you disappeared when your son was to be given to THE FATHER of him, as ruled by the courts. FOCUS on that issue... not the one you are hell bent on trying to CREATE... TERRORISM!!

B/c of your libel of ABSAM & Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa Miceli made her decision to be loyal and FAITHFUL to ABSAM.. the ORGANIZED CRIME & terrorism around Lisa Miceli and ABSAm needs to cease.

DUBAI is modern and a tourist spot.

Angelicque McQueen and RAJ are broke idiots addicted to drama.... that needs to fall back on them, not Lisa A. Miceli.

NICE INDECENCY ANGE MCQUEEN.... what did using me get you, FRAUD QUEEN???

La Puma is my GRANDMOTHER's name, not anyone associated with Ange McQueen. I always dated very very very wealthy.

Did Ange meet PETER J. LOFTIN or Michael Jordan?? Or any of my other BIG names in entertainment and sports stars??

Please stop misrepresenting me... thank you for the correct media.

STONING - what are you trying to say ANGE MCQUEEN??

Are you making false accusations agsinst Lisa A. Miceli, about RAJ and RICHARD SHAEFFER and Lisa A. Miceli?? YES!!!

Are you making false accusations about ABSAM??

Who is the person guilty of adultery?? Angelicque McQueen.

Lisa Miceli has never been married... and is only engaged to ABSAM as we speak, since 10/2008..... and received her wedding gown February 1st, 2010.

Why is Angelicque McQueen obsessed with stalking Lisa Miceli after copying her material online and then contacting her???

She is not the wife of ABSAM or the future wife of ABSAM.

Is it okay if Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM have a faithful marriage to one another, without interference from you??

I want my money from the fraud called ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN... she needs to get an education, clean up her act, and stop committing crimes against two people WHO ARE MORE EDUCATED than her and who chose to be with one another.

Threats & false accusations.... and stalking Lisa A. Miceli. WHY???

Lisa Miceli already agreed to be your wife, adn never cheated on a husband, as I am not married to anyone.

ABSAM is my first marriage.

Angelicque McQueen had the affair on her husband and the child. I asked for her to stay out of my marriage with ABSAM repeatedly.


Please leave me and my future husband alone to plan our wedding.. with our family and REAL friends.

Kelly Werner ios NOT CHUBBYMONSTAR.... get a life of your own and leave my husband alone to be with his wife.. whom he proposed to.

Find your own hubby... if you contact him behind my back, you will face criminal charges.

Carla DiMare was my lawyer...

Ange McQueen is just repeating Lisa Micveli's words on YOU TUBE and dancing to it.. ILLEGALLY.

She is invading my privacy... and is clearly not trust-worthy. CONVERSION of PROPERTY, copyright infringment, and invasion of privacy..... most likely EXTORTION.

Will do my videos next.... from ABSAM's gifts and mind..... for Lisa Miceli specifically.

I lvoe my ARABS and want to write my ARAB love story...

My e-mails were hacked into and stolen.... and it upsets me....

This is my personal journey with ABSAM...... starting 10/2008... my birthday!

Lovely head band... I love it!!

Thank you sooo sooo soo much.

More surpirse gifts from ABSAM.

ABSAM.. smells like CAMEL CRAP..

b/c she just had a child..... and he as to travel with me..

MIAMI, FL - did he meet PETER LOFTIN?? A BOXING FAN TOO? WHY and how is Ange McQueen talknig about? RICHARD SHAEFFER?? I doubt it.. she called me RICHARD's MISTRESS.. I never met the man in my life.... CARE to explain??

I sent nude photos to Raj... NEVER. Ange McQueen thinks that she is Lisa Miceli??? Sounds like it.

I OWN MY PHONE CALLS, MY MATERIAL for a book deal, MY RELATIONSHIPS with MJ adn with ABSAM.. not Ange McQueen.

Why is she peddling my property?? I have degrees in psychology.... tell anyone anything.

ANGE MCQUEEn is threatening the JIMMY JONES

GRAPE KOOLAID and the down my plane if she does not get her son with Oscar Del a Hoya, and she has RAj and a daughter.

Why am I being blamed for Ange's antics??? When I am marrying ABSAM and I said do not tangle those webs please?


Lisa Miceli is marrying for love and children..... and protection from this media abuse in the USA.


Ange McQueen denied knowing of ABSAM or speaking of him, so how is she hurt, that she needs to smoke pot & dance online and mention him, as a pedophile, con artist, crazy maker, when he is dating and marrying Lisa A. Miceli???

She wants him to break his promise to Lisa A. Miceli?? WHY?? What is in in for her??


I heard (from ASSA) that I got an engagement ring

and a fur coat... online ASSA told me that I have gifts floating out there, but I have been hacked so many times, I cannot plan anything, let alone do my career.

Sorry for those that I cannot keep in touch with, I am hacked and then libeled by Michael Jordan's people.

ANGE must be paying peope off, with OSCAR's money... what a waste of person she is.

HH Sheikh Ahmed prior to any phonoe calls by anyone else, was in love with Lisa A. Miceli. Assa is just a worker at EMIRATES AIRLINES, not his personal assistant.

So, the conspiracy on the blogs needs to cease and desist. Ange Mc Queen needs serious mental help, as Oscar messed eith her mind.

I tried to help her and do business with her.. she wants in my bed adn in my money. I am not interested in that with her and neither is ABSAM.


Who helped Pam & Paris to the MIDDLE EAST and Angelicque McQueen is now on You Tube doing drugs with a DEA AGENT's badge??

Fine, but it is all the same stories.. MINE!

But, Lisa A. Miceli is crazy..... for asking for a dna test for my son, when I gave birth in CHARLOTTE, NC and a police report for stolen property, when I am under contract with a book publisher.

MY WEDDING is still on, I own my life and my business & I control my wedding, SIMPLETONS.

NO ANGE is any of that, not the othe blondes who stalked me, after I worked at NWHO and NC Neuropsychtiatry, PA. What does that tell you???

I am crazy for be-friended crazies, who are incompetent in their business dealings.... and immoral in their personal life.

My son, the innocent deserves and easier life, one that is not twisted by the mental disorders of others.

I earned my degrees and I keep my family first.

Lisa A. Miceli

I am going to belly dance and strip for Ange's wedding..

and if I get to him first, will cut her fingers off.... for touching him. Is that not Ange, Paris, and Pam Anderson Lee's threat to Lisa Miceli??? Made in public....

That they beat me to my own life, then I will die or be seriously injured?? Is that not what WHACKED means??? To kill by the hands of another....

I do not find the humor in stalking someone and making threats to gharm them, no matter what career or status that you have in this world.

You want to murder people for money, you belong in jail.

GROUPIES for my CELEBRITY/ROYAL marriage?? No thank you. I have no respect for these ladies skills, words or actions as it is stolen property rights with malice.

Good luck in the courts....

Lisa A. Miceli & ABSAM

ALL LIBEL is from one source...

Ange McQueen and her delusions of granduer regarding Oscar Del a Hoya. He messed with your mind Ange. Please get help, you make no sense.

I tried to work a business project with you, and will not tolerate you being in my love life with ABSAM. You need to balance yourself and do your own life, not Lisa A. Miceli's or repeating her business.

Please do not repeat my information as your own. It was my COMPANY from Paris, France, that sent me the dress. A wedding dress that I adore and find so beautiful and perfect for Lisa A. Miceli. Thank you for everyone that helped me get the dress.

Lisa Miceli is converting to MUSLIM, after the birth of her child to ABSAM. Dante is alredy learning the Muslim faith but not from a very good teacher. I do read to him from the KORAN as a start.

Lisa Miceli is being stalked... & all you hear are the stalkers

not Lisa A. Miceli's true life. THIS IS UNFORTUNATE for ABSAM adn his family, who are members of the RULING family of DUBAI.

Other women think that they are in control of my life. Please only credible media, no fake blogs and fake You Tube channels, repeating my information.

My GORGEOUS wedding dress came from Paris, FRANCE from Mohammed. Thank you Ange McQueen for repeating this information that i already poseted on another blog of mine, that was stolen!!!

Ange McQueen was asked to leave Lisa A. Miceli alone and she refuses to do so. She is now claiming to be a MUSLIM, now that she wants to prostitute herself to my friends and family. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSLY disrespectful and UNACCEPTABLE!!

Ange met me one time an never met ABSAM, and she is acting like a child, trying to steal my light and act like she is upset over a marriage, that never included her. Why would I want a stripper dancing for my on my wedding night?? I would not.

I am sorry, she is offensive and insulting to me.

She also revealed that MJ was dongi another MARS BLACKMON basketball shoe line early. WHY IS THAT?? It is not her son, and I wrote a synopsis for SPACE JAM 2, for my son, to meet Michael Jordan & CHARLES BARKLEY, my old friends. So, yes, Lisa Miceli is on another planet.

MY SON went to CAPE CAPNERVAL, FL and Ange McQueen knew this. She needs to focus on her own life, and not stealing from Lisa Miceli's life in anyway.

RESTRAINING ORDERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN REQUESTED on Ange McQueen, so that ABSAM and Lisa Miceli, can have a happy marriage.

I make the NEWS all of the time, it has nothing to do with criminal activity. Asking for a DNA test and asking for a police report, for insurance purposes, is NOT a crime.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DANTE is giving mommy away to her future husband!

Found a gorgeous white tux for him.... that we just ordered.

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN is twisting the police report. Lisa Miceli filed on on her and the evidence was given from my e-mail account & Ange McQueen is twisting that in her YOU TUBE DANCE VIDEO.

I do not want dancers on my wedding night. Ange McQueen has mental health issues, OSCAR messed up her mind, since he had three women pregnant at the same time and was not married to them. She thinks that she and other women can be in my bedroom when I marry THE SHEIKH. THIS IS A LIE.

HH Sheikh MO gave me his blessings AND in fact, he told me to get more security for ABSAM and Lisa Miceli, against Kelly Scott adn Ange McQueen.

I love my new family, very loving adn very supportive. STOP HACKING MY ACCOUNTS AND TWISTING the information. ABSAM is the love of my life. You are damaging our reputations for the actions of people in my past in the USA. I asked for forgiveness from ABSAM and his family.

NOT VERY DIPLOMATIC of people in the USA.... please respect my future husband.

I have already complained with the UAE EMBASSY about the people in the USA, thinking that they can control Lisa Miceli... when I am not their property.

Monday, March 1, 2010

USA would not let me leave the country in PEACE..

They want one more court hearing and one more media attack on Lisa A. Miceli, for doing what AMERICANS do every day....

2. Ask local police to coooridinate with other states who recovered te stolen property.
3. ASK FOR DNA TESTING for their child.

I expect HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai to get me a gift for Ange's BIRTHDAY, seeing that She tried to ruin my wedding nigt on OCTOBER 14, 1999 which was supposed to be my wedding. She is flirting with him on You TUBE and trying to go over my head.

SHARIA LAWS in the MIDDLE EAST, do you get to sleep with the family and business partners of your wife?? NOT CERTAIN. NOT JUDGING.

I am ITALIAN ROMAN CATHOLIC. I plan on marrying and having children before I convert adn getting all of the facts together first.

I am seeking to prosecute whoever is helping Ange McQueen convert my personal and business property to her own use, for her commerical profit or private benefit.

HONEY, find your own man.. you are too much of a child, to love AHMED like an ADULT and MATURE women Lisa Miceli who chose her husband and contacted him 10/14/ 2008.

You are supposed to respect me not steal from me, b/c you signed a contract with JUDGES, who know the laws, and you agreed to it. NO JUDGE was helping me get my child support in the State of PA.

Ange McQueen lies and gets upset over MONEY. So, please, go be poor if that makes you happy. Do whatever you wish, just stay out of my marriage.

I am assuming a marriage in DUBAI not the USA. The wedding dress, shoes, and lingeries, are all at my house, waiting for the next step.

NEWS MEDIA.... contact me prior to using my name

and my image.

There are no deals, in advance to be made, using my name or my image, for sale, for a NEWS MEDIA STORY, especially A FAKE STORY.


TIM HANHE and your co-conspirators, need to back off.. and not use me adn my name and my image, to sell papers.

I know MJ needs money for his BOBCATS purchase, but he is not allowed to use me.

BIGAMY is illegal in the USA.

So, who else is claiming to be sexing my SHEIKH, who only has sex within a marriage??

CATHERINE IN TEXAS, ANGE MCQUEEN, PAM ANDERSON, PARIS HILTON, my family members, my business partners??

Kelly Werner, that same scheme..... up to her old tricks, contacting me when I have more money than her, for espionage and sabetoge, with the other blondes who jealousy is a criminal offense for them.


My quest for the truth, waiting on my plane reservations, from ABSAM & ASSA.

We do not need witnesses, as DNA testing, wa already consented to by Michael Jordan, therefore, proving his involvement with Lisa A. Miceli.... and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER told the story of the first meeting in Jan 2002 EDITION.

OH my GOD.. pray ALLAH, Lisa Miceli lost her jobs

and her marraige to Lisa A. Miceli, otherwise criminal charges will be filed.

Check out Dante at MISTRESSLIGHT777 at You Tube.

Lisa Miceli is the former Mistress of Michael Jordan, basketball HALL of FAMER.

Bates Battaglia, offered to be at the birth of my son in Charlotte, NC.

My FORBIDDEN FRUIT books are late, sorry, many many hacks and attacks and stalkers.