Monday, March 1, 2010

USA would not let me leave the country in PEACE..

They want one more court hearing and one more media attack on Lisa A. Miceli, for doing what AMERICANS do every day....

2. Ask local police to coooridinate with other states who recovered te stolen property.
3. ASK FOR DNA TESTING for their child.

I expect HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai to get me a gift for Ange's BIRTHDAY, seeing that She tried to ruin my wedding nigt on OCTOBER 14, 1999 which was supposed to be my wedding. She is flirting with him on You TUBE and trying to go over my head.

SHARIA LAWS in the MIDDLE EAST, do you get to sleep with the family and business partners of your wife?? NOT CERTAIN. NOT JUDGING.

I am ITALIAN ROMAN CATHOLIC. I plan on marrying and having children before I convert adn getting all of the facts together first.

I am seeking to prosecute whoever is helping Ange McQueen convert my personal and business property to her own use, for her commerical profit or private benefit.

HONEY, find your own man.. you are too much of a child, to love AHMED like an ADULT and MATURE women Lisa Miceli who chose her husband and contacted him 10/14/ 2008.

You are supposed to respect me not steal from me, b/c you signed a contract with JUDGES, who know the laws, and you agreed to it. NO JUDGE was helping me get my child support in the State of PA.

Ange McQueen lies and gets upset over MONEY. So, please, go be poor if that makes you happy. Do whatever you wish, just stay out of my marriage.

I am assuming a marriage in DUBAI not the USA. The wedding dress, shoes, and lingeries, are all at my house, waiting for the next step.

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  1. You go to family court for paternity, not the police.