Sunday, March 7, 2010


as proof of ownership.... my e-mails are already online.

PHOTOS are next as well.
HE SENT ME PHOTOS of his other families and the PASSING of those photos... will be mentioned, as some women are taking this tooo far.

Lisa Miceli is getting married, not MURDERED or committing suicide.....

MY ITALIAN FAMILY & friends are always ready for a party and a gift giving - even something small as friendship. It is TRADITION!!

RUMORS of cheating.... are not funny. I was faithful since 10/2008.

I read online that business went beyond business for some of these women from the USA on my copyrights.

THIS IS LISA MICELI's story.... and always has been... will post photos of my friends, from each stage of my life.

HOPEFULLY, a wedding will be soon...... to come & visit me and celebrate my big news!!

Dante is 4 FEET tall... and doing well, although always sick.

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