Sunday, March 28, 2010

RE-CREATING THE STORY that was stolen (from e-mails with ABSAM)

by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN - who is FAKE personality.... She did not have my consent to steal from me. LEGAL ACTION is pending!!!

THe e-mails were for a TV DEAL - that was already pitched to SEVERAL PRODUCERS in the USA.

5000 of more emails are MISSING - some & most have been saved by me & LAWYERS. I am very very upset, as THESE were a timing thing... with the SUN, MOON & STARS....

and RELIGIOUS TIMING....... as well as timing of events.... & the progression of our love story.

THE LOVE that AHMED &Lisa Miceli share cannot be transfered from one person to another.... and cannot be re-created on TV or in books without me.

The THEFT is an act of DISRESPECT and increasing threatening criminal activity against me.

This is my company, I am allowed to have secrets AND I am allowed to have a private sex life with my FUTURE HUSBAND.

Paris HILTON stole the BFF SHOW. The FORBIDDEN FRUIT story has been lifted and re-created numerous times.

THE FBI says that it does not do PERSONAL PROTECTION, so WHY IS ANGE doing drugs with an FBI/DEA AGENT on my platforms, story, and BUSINESS PLANS??

HH SHEIKH MO told me to get more protection & security.

HH SHEIKHY AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai & I are still getting married. I expect to be married by EASTER WEEKEND.

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