Friday, March 5, 2010


CON ARTIST, CRAZY MAKER SHEIKH that Ange McQueen talks about is Lisa A. Miceli's FUTURE HUSBAND that promised Ange McQueen NOTHING and never stole from Ange McQueen. ABSAM PROMISED LISA. A. Miceli shopping and a courtship fit for a ROYAL!!

So, was she trying to support Lisa Miceli is an inappropriate manner, YES!!

ANGE MCQUEEN needs to be in jail, using her $10,000 a month in child support to interfere with Lisa A. Miceli and make her son sick... b/c she thinks that CHUBBY..... means something to her that it does not....

ANGE MCQUEEN you are a FOOL.. take care of your son & RAJ, the INDIAN and your daughter.

ABSAM sent the wEDDING DRESS FEB 1 st, 2010.

IT IS MY HUBBY's ADDRESS.... which he set up for me EXCLUSIVELY!!

SHOPPING IN THE UK, was for Lisa A. Miceli - for both business and pleasure.. b/c the UK ROYALS did not know who Lisa A. Miceli is.. and that was the issue for the TABLOIDS.

The TV SHOW was for our children ANGE and I, so that AHMED adn Lisa Miceli could have a courtship.... before marraige.

I CREATED THE TV SHOW b/c of MJ & my son... and setting up a blog online since 12/2005.

Kelly Scott stole the INFORMATION, she is from MEDINA, OH, not SHEIKH AHMED.

Dancing with her, means that you are a criminal like her.. STEALING from Lisa A. Miceli & then making threats against Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa A. Miceli + HH SHEIKH AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai = FOREVER!!

WHERE IS MY UK SHOPPING TRIP AND MY SECURITY for my TV SHOW?? I am the one that wrote to ABSAM, not Ange McQueen. I AM THE ONE THAT ABSAM PROMISED THE NEW LIFE.. many many times.

ABSAM promised Lisa A. Miceli personally... not for TV.. but REAL LIFE!! DELUSIONAL, MUCH???

THERE ARE PEOPLE who do not know TRUTH & REALITY from fiction and fantasy.. and ruin others lives with thier IMPRACTICALITY!!!

LISA MICELI WAS PROMISED EVERYTHING BY ABSAM...... I hope that he is a con artist and crazy maker to other women... HE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!!

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