Saturday, March 27, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, CA & lawyers...

That is who has jurisdiction over YAHOO, GOOGLE, and BLOGGER!

I OWN MY OWN MATERIAL..... and I am keeping track of it.... and asked for the switching of Lisa Miceli and Ange McQueen to cease.. IMMEDIATELY!!! was set up for me, Lisa A. Miceli.... the jurisdiction for most of my legal cases is in CA - APPARENTLY, but I will wait on a ruling from the DISTRICT COURT MAGISTRATE's OFFICE!!

ABSAM is not to be having sex on my family's name, with my friends, family members, enemies, or FORMER business partners.. i.e. ANGE MCQUEEN.

It is my money, not HERS.... & not even HIS - if she is pretending to be Lisa A. Miceli, which she is..

I want my privacty and my performance rights back..... ASAP!!

HE WAS MOVING TO CA - for Lisa A. Miceli - no one else.. he asks about my bed no one else's.

THE DNA TESTNG was for a TV SHOW that I CREATED adn own... not anyone else.

So, no invasion or privacy... Ange consented to sending me her documents for a TV SHOW, which does not include fucking ABSAM behind my back or meeting on my story and business and life!

STOP WITH THREATS to make me GIVE OVER my life or anything else, that I do not want to give over!!

Lisa A. Miceli

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