Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am not gonig to be in the USA... when I marry!!

I am not your pie... or your piece of the pie.... so please, stop stalking me and copying me.

If you want to go into business with me, please contact me.

DANCING with the STARS..... I am going to apply, after 17 years of DANCE EXPERIENCE.
ALLADIn was where my son was conceived in Las Vegas, NEVADA.

Pamela Anderson Lee up to her old tricks, so I am being THREATENED with JAIL again for filing for a police report for stolen property???

Last time, it was the DNA TEST, and I was threatened with JAIL...
SORRY, Pam and the others, cannot and will not help you.... THEFT IS THEFT!!


All of my priviledged communications are being exposed... think that is legal??

RIDDLE ME THIS Ange McQueen, stop copying me IDIOT!!

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