Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ANGE MCQUEEN is not my lawyer or agents....

neither is RAJ... my lawyer or agent and that means I am not theirs either.

These is my property rights..... from my book deal and my private e-mails from lamiceli2007@yahoo to ABSAM, that we clearly stolen. YAHOO has the reports and my lawyers have the originals. Ange McQueen is stalking my lawyers as well as contacting my friends and family behind my back. ANGE MCQUEEN was never my lover and neither was RAJ. I asked for this harassment to cease and desist.

Putting your face and name to my material, does not make me you... it PUTS M Y LIFE IN DANGER, b/c you are a jealous IDIOT stalking me, hoping to gain power.... from my life.

Ange McQueen is in the USA... doing drugs on camera with a DEA AGENT's name and badge.

Please..... AUTOPSY GIRL.... (ANGE MCQUEEN).... you disappeared when your son was to be given to THE FATHER of him, as ruled by the courts. FOCUS on that issue... not the one you are hell bent on trying to CREATE... TERRORISM!!

B/c of your libel of ABSAM & Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa Miceli made her decision to be loyal and FAITHFUL to ABSAM.. the ORGANIZED CRIME & terrorism around Lisa Miceli and ABSAm needs to cease.

DUBAI is modern and a tourist spot.

Angelicque McQueen and RAJ are broke idiots addicted to drama.... that needs to fall back on them, not Lisa A. Miceli.

NICE INDECENCY ANGE MCQUEEN.... what did using me get you, FRAUD QUEEN???

La Puma is my GRANDMOTHER's name, not anyone associated with Ange McQueen. I always dated very very very wealthy.

Did Ange meet PETER J. LOFTIN or Michael Jordan?? Or any of my other BIG names in entertainment and sports stars??

Please stop misrepresenting me... thank you for the correct media.

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