Sunday, March 7, 2010

THE WOMEN mocking my wedding...

Are you prostitutes?? COMMON WHORES??? No thank you.

You are taking ENTERTAINMENT way too far.... and I am not happy.

SOUTHERN ACCENT... mocking that. I lived in NC for 15 years and made some great friendships.

I have tired to turn this around so many times and be grateful for the FAME... but things have not come together yet....

THANK YOU for those who stayed on as friends while I tried to marry.... very sad for the friends that I lost on the way.

I never sold you out...... do not know what happened. I lost control of my own stories. THE USA COURTS will find out the truth this month.

LAWYERS have ben called to see what is going on and why, I am being cheated in business when I make plans to marry and make the announcement!!

It is not like people could not get in touch with me.. I had over 5000 e-mails in my accounts in jsut one, so everyone knew that I was the one getting married and WHY.

Lisa A. Miceli

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