Tuesday, March 9, 2010

STONING FOR CHEATERS.... do not think that ABSAM is a cheater or a liar!!!

He says that he never met Ange McQueen or the other stalkers online.. who are making threats to Lisa A. Miceli.

Lisa Miceli contacted ABSAM directly.. please do not use my future husband private e-mail adress, it could not be more rude of you to do so.

MANDY AND I CHATTED ON TE ROYALTY FORUM back in 2004... I know ange McQyueen never heard of ABAM then.. THE SPINSTER who is spinngi Lisa Miceli out of her own life with threats - ios going to prison.. so I can marry adn have my own children.

KELLY SCOTT, ANGE MCQUEEN, and others, I am not a lesbian.. I am HH SHEIKH AHMED's future wife.. HAVE SOME RESPECT for me, my privacy and my future husband.

STOP COPYING US.... and get mental help!!

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