Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ALL LIBEL is from one source...

Ange McQueen and her delusions of granduer regarding Oscar Del a Hoya. He messed with your mind Ange. Please get help, you make no sense.

I tried to work a business project with you, and will not tolerate you being in my love life with ABSAM. You need to balance yourself and do your own life, not Lisa A. Miceli's or repeating her business.

Please do not repeat my information as your own. It was my COMPANY from Paris, France, that sent me the dress. A wedding dress that I adore and find so beautiful and perfect for Lisa A. Miceli. Thank you for everyone that helped me get the dress.

Lisa Miceli is converting to MUSLIM, after the birth of her child to ABSAM. Dante is alredy learning the Muslim faith but not from a very good teacher. I do read to him from the KORAN as a start.

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