Friday, March 19, 2010


Do not have any contact with ABSAM, unless one of his wives are present, that being Lisa A. Miceli.

Ange McQueen stalked me to meet with ABSAM - for the TRUTH about Lisa Miceli and ABSAM - you are mentally sick and a criminal. EXTORTION!!

Wish you the best of luck in the courts.

NO, ABSAM cannot and no man can have sex with everyone and anyone that he wants.

Even so, you do not own me or my life... to use at your disposal.

Angelicque McQueen switched everything online, right??

Too bad, ABSAM knows the truth... about Lisa A. Miceli. Lisa Miceli got there first. Ange has a pattern of stalking for THE TRUTH... to have sex and get paid for it....

Leave ABSAM and Lisa Miceli alone.

I feel sorry for MICHAEL JORDAN - all of the stalkers.

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