Monday, March 8, 2010


the comment page?? I am asking... a direct question.

MONEY?? You want me to pay you to WHACK ME?? Is that what you are saying?? GOOD LUCK with that, since 2007?? No one willing to do the job for you???

ANGE MCQUEEN IS A THEIF AND NEEDS TO BE JAILED for asking for a JIMMY JONES SUICIDE for her mental health problems...... not nice palying with people's minds, ANGE MCQUEEN. GROW UP CHILD, ANGE MCQUEEN.... and live in the adult world.

The rest is none of your business who I marry & why. I tell him everything, so he does not need your spin. We will not pay for it, YOU WILL!!! lol, lol... for every word that is a copy of mine or a lie or a threat.

What engagement parties of my own have I MISSED?? Everyone knows that Lisa Miceli loves a party..... lol, lol.

Where are my gifts..... anyone receiving my property under false pretenses (LIES, CONSPIRACY)??

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