Sunday, March 28, 2010

HH SHEIKH AHMED already asked me to be his PRINCESS/WIFE

in 2008. STOLEN e-mails has been a re-occuring fact since we met forcing me to reveal our private life, both sooner than I expected and in more depth than I ever expected.

I am always shocked by the invasion of my privacy..... in the USA. Since, it sends me to the courts to protect my rights.

I expected a courtship and business deals, that are slow in coming.

HH SHEIKH AHMED has DENIED ever being with or meeting ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN.

This would be seen as a hostile act, seeing that they are 4000 ARAB SHEIKHS and the end result of copying (CLONING/IMPOSTERING) is ruining my business and crediblity.

Ange McQueen does not have the skills, backgrounds, training, or FAMILY that Lisa A. Miceli has.

She also did not have over 5000 sex text & swooning that Lisa A. Miceli has had with HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai. I have a right to be made WHOLE, not broken up in pieces!!!!

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