Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am going to belly dance and strip for Ange's wedding..

and if I get to him first, will cut her fingers off.... for touching him. Is that not Ange, Paris, and Pam Anderson Lee's threat to Lisa Miceli??? Made in public....

That they beat me to my own life, then I will die or be seriously injured?? Is that not what WHACKED means??? To kill by the hands of another....

I do not find the humor in stalking someone and making threats to gharm them, no matter what career or status that you have in this world.

You want to murder people for money, you belong in jail.

GROUPIES for my CELEBRITY/ROYAL marriage?? No thank you. I have no respect for these ladies skills, words or actions as it is stolen property rights with malice.

Good luck in the courts....

Lisa A. Miceli & ABSAM

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