Sunday, March 28, 2010


You hear that Ange McQueen.....

ABSAM is a con artist to you, b/c he never promise you anything. He promised Lisa A. Miceli half of his FORTUNE. This was already posted.

Ange McQueen is stalking my e-mails & my LAWYERS (both which contain confidential information).

I am getting married to ABSAM adn having my own children with ABSAM.

He told me that I am stunning and sent me photos of his other FAMILIES!!

EXPOSE ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN since she goes behind my back to stalk, steal, and pretend to be Lisa A. Miceli - for money only!!!

She is not my lawyer or my agent, & has NO LEGAL RIGHTS to put up my INFORMATION for others. Please contact me directly, so you can do LEGIT BUSINESS with Lisa A. Miceli.

You are not to disrespect a member of the ROYAL FAMILY of HIS WIFE. HH Sheikh Mo offered me a son of his, if things do not workout for HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai.

I need to be called if there are BUSINESS or PLEASURE meetings at the MONDRIAN HOTEL with my ARAB SHEIKH. That is the law.

POOSTING PHOTOS and NEWS CLIPPINGS SOON..... stop conspiring to ruin me, b/c you are JEALOUS of my SUCCESSES!!!

c***********@yahoo.conm was set up by HH Sheikh Ahmed for Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM to chat privately. This was not an address for others to use to chat with ABSAM or do any BUSINESS without me.

I expect to be at dinner with ABSAM in ERIE, PA soon with ABSAM. SHUT% UP with your comments!!

Lisa A. Miceli

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