Friday, March 19, 2010


Hopefully, gifts from ABSAM..... after dinner.

Come to this blog please and post your thoughts.

My graduate schooling is on break right now. So, Lisa Miceli can start a family with ABSAM.

He tells me everything and what to say, Ange McQueen.

ABSAM is not a crazy person, he would not tell oyu to attack me, and then back me.. counter-productive?? I think so. NARROW your focus ABSAM to Lisa A. Miceli.

CLEVER.... trying to get me somewhere, different from where ANGE McQueen is going?? I think so.

I do not have a contract for mental health, I have numerous wedding proposals, a wedding dress, and lingerie and a dinner date.

MY SECRET TATTOOS.... for protection, from false accusations of cheating by Agne McQueen. Who is she?? MY LESBIAN lover?? NO... so please stop.

Do not contact Absam, without his wife being aware and invited, very very rude. Lisa Miceli is the wife.

I love Dubai. I apologize for the crazy, lack of sensivite and embarassing comments that have been made, with the intent to harm me and my family.

ABSAM claimed that he did not know any of you people, prior to me. STOP YOUR JEALOUSY, please.

ABSAM is marrying Lisa A. Miceli. Mental illness is treatable. I cannot be professional with such immature and low-ball, personal attacks on me.

My sincerest apologies.

Lisa A. Miceli - ABSAM wife NUMBER 3

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  1. Mental illness is treatable. Now go & take your fucking medication.