Friday, March 19, 2010

THIS IS LISA A MICELI's courtship with ABSAM...

being ruined by other women. HOW RUDE!!

I told you that I am taking time off for my husband, and you need to stop contacting him behind my back and making deals with him without me being aware of it.

DEALS should be for busioness - not for PROSTITUTION/SEX for money.

This is my husband, he needs to comfort me adn me him.... please, respect our privacy, so we can marry, have children, & do business with other people - legit business.

You should not be breaking into our heads.. so we can hear you. I did not tell my sex life with ABSAM.

I wrote a book about Michael Jordan and the USA laws.

I told you of my pending marriage to ABSAM. Nothing else. Marriage is two people = not other women. Please respect our marriage.

I can assure you that I am not interested in any lesbian affairs or threesomes.

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