Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ABSAM.. smells like CAMEL CRAP..

b/c she just had a child..... and he as to travel with me..

MIAMI, FL - did he meet PETER LOFTIN?? A BOXING FAN TOO? WHY and how is Ange McQueen talknig about? RICHARD SHAEFFER?? I doubt it.. she called me RICHARD's MISTRESS.. I never met the man in my life.... CARE to explain??

I sent nude photos to Raj... NEVER. Ange McQueen thinks that she is Lisa Miceli??? Sounds like it.

I OWN MY PHONE CALLS, MY MATERIAL for a book deal, MY RELATIONSHIPS with MJ adn with ABSAM.. not Ange McQueen.

Why is she peddling my property?? I have degrees in psychology.... tell anyone anything.

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