Monday, March 8, 2010

I am being LIBELED for MARRIAGE & having a baby...


THE MEN CHOSE LISA A. Miceli, so I guess you need to get over it..... & leave me alone.

Take up your problems with me with a shrink or Michael Jordan, not Lisa A. Miceli over Dante.

I am getting married to ABSAM.

Whenever Lisa Miceli makes any money or marries well, EVERYONE comes out of the woodwork wanting a piece of the MONEY.. HOW IGNORANT!! NOT LEGAL in the USA!!!

You ask before you steal, cheat, and lie... on my marriage.... which I announced 10/2008.

You need to call me in your office to work with me, feel my life, or play off of me. I am not your property.

I am the property of my FUTURE HUSBAND, NOT ANGE MCQUEEN.

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