Thursday, March 4, 2010

There are women in the MILITARY ANGE.

Are you in the MILITARY??? NOPE. Ange McQueen is a liar, b/c she wants my ABSAM to investigate her... she is nuts. THE FBI and CIA and the LOCAL POLICE investigate crimes in the USA, not DUBAI.

FAKE SHEIKH, CON ARTIST SHEIKH, CRAZY-MAKER SHEIKH, etc, etc.. NOT ANGE MCQUEEN's SHEIKH... to make comments about. I do not know who Ange McQueen is talking about.

He was none of those things, until Ange McQueen found out that ABSAM proposed to Lisa A. Miceli secretly..... then she went on her attack with LIES!!

I know who you are based on your comments now, at the comment page. NO NEED for someone else to have a baby for me... I can have my own. No one lying and telling me that I am not talking to whom I say, as I have his phone numbers as well.

MEDINA, OH and ANAHIEM, CA and RALIGH, NC your conspiracy game is over.. on my ENGAGEMENT TO ABSAM and my company. MY FEDERAL PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION lawyer will love this lawsuit.

THE FBI HAVE THE SAME INFORMATION as the POLICE, and they know that you stole from me & then made your FALSE claims.. I NEER PROMISED YOU ANYTHING & never did ABSAM.

ABSAM PROMISED to be a LOYAL AND FAITHFUL HUSBAND to Lisa A. Miceli and give her more children and provided for her.

Lisa A. Miceli's LAWYERS IN THE USA, have those private conversations. SORRY, ugly whores, find someone else to prostitute yourself to... ANGE, you suck, if ABSAM is taking money from your checking account, from DEVON's money, LOL. Did you make threats??

STOP DISRESPECTING LISA A MICELI or criminal charges will be filed and prosecuted!!
STOP CONTACTING ABSAM behnid Lisa A. Miceli's back ... it is my company & my MARRIAGE.
Remember the TREASON?? LISTEN to me, Lisa Miclei is Lisa A. Miceli, not Ange McQueen and not anyone else... you, not me, are DELUSIONAL!! You need mentally committed, while I live my life in peace and prosperity.

I SAID NO... to other women. KELLY WERNER, KELLY SCOTT, ANGE MCQUEEN PAM, PARIS, and others.... find your own man and use your own property or I will exercise my rights in the courts.

I HAVE MY PROOF, deleted or not, it can be recovered..... so please. ANGE, get a grip... ABSAM never heard of you prior to Lisa A. Miceli.... and ghe heard of me, as his FUTURE WIFE!! You heard of HIM AS MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!

Are you mentally retarded ANGE?? and the others. NO MEANS NO!!! Mind your own business and ABSAM and Lisa Miceli are NOT your business.

Lisa A. Miceli


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  1. it is NOT a criminal act to disrespect someone. You cannot be arrested or charged for disrespect. Oh, unless you are a judge in a courtroom, then you can have some one locked up for not showing the JUDGE respect. It is called contempt of court. Try to remember that tomorrow.