Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lisa Miceli is being stalked... & all you hear are the stalkers

not Lisa A. Miceli's true life. THIS IS UNFORTUNATE for ABSAM adn his family, who are members of the RULING family of DUBAI.

Other women think that they are in control of my life. Please only credible media, no fake blogs and fake You Tube channels, repeating my information.

My GORGEOUS wedding dress came from Paris, FRANCE from Mohammed. Thank you Ange McQueen for repeating this information that i already poseted on another blog of mine, that was stolen!!!

Ange McQueen was asked to leave Lisa A. Miceli alone and she refuses to do so. She is now claiming to be a MUSLIM, now that she wants to prostitute herself to my friends and family. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSLY disrespectful and UNACCEPTABLE!!

Ange met me one time an never met ABSAM, and she is acting like a child, trying to steal my light and act like she is upset over a marriage, that never included her. Why would I want a stripper dancing for my on my wedding night?? I would not.

I am sorry, she is offensive and insulting to me.

She also revealed that MJ was dongi another MARS BLACKMON basketball shoe line early. WHY IS THAT?? It is not her son, and I wrote a synopsis for SPACE JAM 2, for my son, to meet Michael Jordan & CHARLES BARKLEY, my old friends. So, yes, Lisa Miceli is on another planet.

MY SON went to CAPE CAPNERVAL, FL and Ange McQueen knew this. She needs to focus on her own life, and not stealing from Lisa Miceli's life in anyway.

RESTRAINING ORDERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN REQUESTED on Ange McQueen, so that ABSAM and Lisa Miceli, can have a happy marriage.

I make the NEWS all of the time, it has nothing to do with criminal activity. Asking for a DNA test and asking for a police report, for insurance purposes, is NOT a crime.

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