Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NO ONE INVITED Ange McQueen into my marriage..

So, why she persists, after she ruined my TV deal & now trying to ruin my marraige, is beynod me??

We asked for her to stay away from us....

I TOLD ALL FEMALES to stop writing to ABSAM an stop leaking his e-mail address online.

Please, be kind, and tell Ange McQuen to mind her own busines, which is not ABSAM.. she is doing more harm than good, with nothing but lies about Lisa A. Miceli.

I do not drink and I do not cheat on ABSAM and I do not lie.... you feel compelled to reveal Lisa A. Miceli an Dante, then I can expose you adn your lies and your family as well, only LEGALLY~

What some of these parties are doing is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL in the USA as well.

Pick yor punishment, for knowingly committing crimes.. in the USA or DUBAI, where you chose to live. THESE ARE CHOICES PEOPLE!!!

Lisa Miceli chose ABSAM = FOREVER!!!

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