Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I heard (from ASSA) that I got an engagement ring

and a fur coat... online ASSA told me that I have gifts floating out there, but I have been hacked so many times, I cannot plan anything, let alone do my career.

Sorry for those that I cannot keep in touch with, I am hacked and then libeled by Michael Jordan's people.

ANGE must be paying peope off, with OSCAR's money... what a waste of person she is.

HH Sheikh Ahmed prior to any phonoe calls by anyone else, was in love with Lisa A. Miceli. Assa is just a worker at EMIRATES AIRLINES, not his personal assistant.

So, the conspiracy on the blogs needs to cease and desist. Ange Mc Queen needs serious mental help, as Oscar messed eith her mind.

I tried to help her and do business with her.. she wants in my bed adn in my money. I am not interested in that with her and neither is ABSAM.

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