Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ANGE is with an INDIAN man named RAJ...

being a RACIST BITCH.... in her garage targeting me with her media... about OSCAR and her life, in advance of any TV DEAL.... mostly propaganda for her... and trying to hurt Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM's reputations.

Our courtship has been legal and legit..... and I now have a wedding dress at my house waiting for the big day.

Angelicque McQueen wants violence, either another suicide attack or for me to commit suicide. She is a nasty nasty and evil person, b/c of her own jealousies and personal character flaws.

Please encourage her to get mental help, please!!

Dante is being adopted by ABSAM.... stop lookiing for a father, you are in my private life when the decisions have been made.

Please stop, after 5 years, I can move on.. and marry & have a family that is faithful.

Ange McQueen chose a life of dishonesty.... not Lisa A. Miceli.

Please Lisa A. Miceli fans and supporters, help stop the fraud ANGE MCQUEEN & bear witness to my faithfulness and love for ABSAM.

Lisa Miceli is not a blonde & not a member of the GOTTI family... so the MAFIA associations need to cease. I am happy to do business with a contract... for business.

THINK about what you are saying prior to opening your mouth about me and my family. You bear false witness, you will be punished. You lie, cheat or steal from me, you will be punished.

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN IS EXTORTING FROM LISA A MICELI.... Ange McQueen admitted to cheating on her hubby and proving it with OSCAR's baby... her choice.

I asked for her to sell her story to MEXICO, not the MIDDLE EAST.....

I asked Ms McQueen to stop posting my phone calls online... of me telling her to stop and to editing the swearing. .. SHE EDITED her nude photos did she not???

FIND YOUR RICH DRUG DEALER IN MEXICO ANGE MCQUEEN & stop lying.. Raj is an average INDIAN man, not a member of the ROYAL FAMILY of DUBAI.

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