Wednesday, March 3, 2010

STONING - what are you trying to say ANGE MCQUEEN??

Are you making false accusations agsinst Lisa A. Miceli, about RAJ and RICHARD SHAEFFER and Lisa A. Miceli?? YES!!!

Are you making false accusations about ABSAM??

Who is the person guilty of adultery?? Angelicque McQueen.

Lisa Miceli has never been married... and is only engaged to ABSAM as we speak, since 10/2008..... and received her wedding gown February 1st, 2010.

Why is Angelicque McQueen obsessed with stalking Lisa Miceli after copying her material online and then contacting her???

She is not the wife of ABSAM or the future wife of ABSAM.

Is it okay if Lisa A. Miceli and ABSAM have a faithful marriage to one another, without interference from you??

I want my money from the fraud called ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN... she needs to get an education, clean up her act, and stop committing crimes against two people WHO ARE MORE EDUCATED than her and who chose to be with one another.

Threats & false accusations.... and stalking Lisa A. Miceli. WHY???

Lisa Miceli already agreed to be your wife, adn never cheated on a husband, as I am not married to anyone.

ABSAM is my first marriage.

Angelicque McQueen had the affair on her husband and the child. I asked for her to stay out of my marriage with ABSAM repeatedly.

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