Sunday, March 28, 2010

HH SHEIK MO told me to get more SECURITY!!!

Here comes the STALKER ANGE MCQUEEN trying to use his image and prevent me from blocking her out of my life.

She wants to be a psychiatrist now??? My psychology degrees are being misused & I am vbeing called crazy and she is sane.. WHAT??

Where is her employment and where is her degrees???

I do not want a stalker in my life - especially a females.

I told her to please leave me and ABSAM alone. I cancelled the TV project, because of her mouth & obsession wtih me & ABSAM!!

Listen people, I have to do my work and projecgts, if I am not married & being taken care of financially. STOP RUINING MY LIFE AND PLANS BY STALKING!!!!

ABSAM & Lisa Miceli already made plans, this isn not a competition for Lisa A. Miceli's life.

Lisa A. Miceli

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