Sunday, March 7, 2010

COMMENT PAGE are Ange McQueen fans..

That tells me?

1. They do not know the meaning of the word NO. b/c I asked Angelicque McQueen to stop shopping my life for over a year now on YOU TUBE. She is still up. MY PHONE CALLS - MY CONTENT - not hers, b/c I spoke to her on the phone.

2. They do not accept my wedding to ABSAM and will not shut down and talk about MJ and other men, even though told to stop.

3. They will rape me if I marry ABSAM and try and get pregnant, as Angelicque McQueen got pregnant by another man other than her hubby.

4. They do not respect ABSAM as he controls our wedding, our courtship, and our family planning.

5. ABSAM picked out the wedding dress, not me. ABSAM controls my life right now and ther eis nothing that I can do bout it... ask the police, they said it was harassment for me to call them and ask them to shut down web-sites.

6. They think that they own what they do not.. ME, MY LIFE, MY STORY, MY BUSINESS, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENSHIPS, etc, etc. CONTROLLING, MUCH??

7. I SENT EMAILS TO ABSAM that you do not respect him or his privacy or his future wife, that he chose, not jsut me, which is Lisa A. Miceli.

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  1. No one wants to rape you. I certainly don't. You are so not my type.