Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lisa Miceli has other thinngs to do with her time...

than be pestered by Angelicque McQueen & her lies.

CHUBBYMUNST.... is ABSAM, who set up the account for me, for SHOPPING PURPOSES... not anyone else.

Ange McQueen is revealing my shopping contactws online... an they are not hers.

STOP STALKING LISA A. MICELI ANGE MCQUEEN adn focus on yor own life.. and our marraiges to AUDI & RAJ... the father of your children. Ange learns nothing, she is back to stalking for sex, drgus, adn money, another woman's future husband.

I have my own TV CHANNEL to create and my own business deals that she is trying to ruin, by expodimg NOTHING.... NO CRIMES of Lisa A. Miceli.

Ange is a big girl, older than the men that she husteledd for money as a stripper... she knows that drugs are illegal in the USA.
She knows that adultery is frowned upon in the USA and other parts of the world.

She is trying to attach her drugs usage to my FAMILY's CANCER.. does not get much more low than that. My uncle is a JUDGE in the SUPERIOR COURT which did her PATERNITY!! She was slamming him as well, thinks that she gets ABSAM, since EVERYONE screwed up on her case....

STALKER of Lisa A. Miceli..... leave us be!!

She is a nutcase, EXTORTIONIST who doe not give a hoot who she hurts.... mind your own business and please... GET A JOB!!! I do not have to be nice to you.. you ruined everything that I was working on... repeatedly.

I am a future wife... you stalk me, copy me or block me from my ABSAM, YOU, go to jail!!!

He asked for LAME's hand in marriage, not YOURS!!

IS ABSAM SMOKING POOT WITH ANGE MCQUEEN on camera?? Ange McQueen wants you to think so... THAT IS LIBEL- the INNDUENDO!!!

EXTORTION of Lisa A. Miceli......

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