Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Who helped Pam & Paris to the MIDDLE EAST and Angelicque McQueen is now on You Tube doing drugs with a DEA AGENT's badge??

Fine, but it is all the same stories.. MINE!

But, Lisa A. Miceli is crazy..... for asking for a dna test for my son, when I gave birth in CHARLOTTE, NC and a police report for stolen property, when I am under contract with a book publisher.

MY WEDDING is still on, I own my life and my business & I control my wedding, SIMPLETONS.

NO ANGE is any of that, not the othe blondes who stalked me, after I worked at NWHO and NC Neuropsychtiatry, PA. What does that tell you???

I am crazy for be-friended crazies, who are incompetent in their business dealings.... and immoral in their personal life.

My son, the innocent deserves and easier life, one that is not twisted by the mental disorders of others.

I earned my degrees and I keep my family first.

Lisa A. Miceli

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