Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lisa Miceli, not Ange McQueen is marrying ABSAM

Sad, that my private messages are online and that I cannot make any plans for either personal reasons or business, or they will get hacked and spun into a story that is false.

The FBI, STATE POLICE, adn CITY POLICE are well aware of this. Come March 5, 2010 there is a hearing with a DISTRICT MAGISTRATE in Crawford County, PA.

I hope to get a restraining order on the stalker that is Angelicque McQueen and stop her stalking of me with MJ and now me with ABSAM.

Business and friendship gone bad.

There were over 4500 e-mails between Lisa Miceli and ABSAM during our courtship. Those and other documents, legal and contractual are missing from my e-mail accounts. Thankfully, most were already sent to lawyers or printed out.