Friday, February 26, 2010

Place for family & friends ONLY to keep up....

I just sent an introduction letter to an important person in Dubai, for a job in sports. (NOT NAMING NAMES, for his privacy). I am completing my Master's Degree in Sports Psychology as we speak. Dante is busy with Kindergarten and USA ice hockey. Season will be over soon, in March. He has been sick so much this year and took a long vacation to Florida with grandparents. So, just happy that he is still hanging in there, right now. He is on You Tube, of course.

Hoping to make my journey to being a devoted and loving wife to HH soon. Would love to be a mom again with the love of my life!!

Of course, I will try and work on my media projects as they come up. Most, so far have been failures. Forbidden Fruit, the book series, is late, again.

My family is not on the other blogs or You Tube using our names or addressing me. I am all for FREEDOM of SPEECH, but in my opinion, some have taken things too far. They are fired from business with me, JOYFUL1218 (KELLY SCOTT) and Angelicque McQueen, b/c of fraudulent misrepresentation of my family and other crimes. I have an ulcer as a result of the information that is being posted on their sites: Angelicque McQueen's You Tube site. There are others, cannot keep up with them all, as I have other things to do in a day.
I am clearly more sensitive than they are. I have been told that, by family many times.

This one is for REAL family and friends to keep up with me, Lisa A. Miceli. This is the love of my life, so please be gentle. The wedding dress is in my home. Do not want to show photos of it.. prior to being in it.

Maybe a witness will come forward and post for me, validating my story. NEW photos soon!!

Lisa A. Miceli


  1. Why didn't you post Ange's YouTube page. It shows your true colors and threats against her and her family.

    Lisa is an evil disgusting person.

  2. The only witnesses are in your head!!