Thursday, April 8, 2010

AHMED was to take me to PARIS for OUR HONEYMOON &

Wedding.... still waiting.

Ange McQueen said that she was going to be there. I said NO!!! ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN got this man's contact from me, Lisa Miceli... when I told ABSAM of my future business dealings and my REALITY TV SHOW DEAL.

She never met him prior to that. I trusted them.

LESSON LEARNED for Lisa Miceli - I cannot have friends, family, or business partners as trusted people, or they will back stab and I will lose everything. They will then call me crazy and say that I am a liar, despite witnesses & evidence to the contrary.

I am here... if you use me for sports and entertainment, please call me... or I will sue to get my money.

I expected HH Sheikh Ahmed to protect me.. . as HH Sheikh Mo told him to get me more security for protec tion.....

When I spoke to DET SUTTER, he said that he just came from Ange's house. I am harassing her. REALLY?? After she stole everything from me.. I am harassing her..

She is trying to steal my HH SHEIKH AHMED STORY... when it is very very personal... over 5000 emails between us.... ands it cannot be stolen.

Love is meant to be private.... or it is stolen. I am very very vdery upset right now.

I feel strung along and betrayed on a very very very deeeply hurtful level.. for no reason.

THIS IS MY LIFE. I chose HH Sheikh Ahmed... & that WAS MY CHOICE.

Regardless of the paternity of my son. HH Sheikh Ahmed is the love of my life.

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