Sunday, April 4, 2010


Right now, YES.... He promised me a wedding.

I have TV SHOW deals, b/c of stolen IP rights... that are mine. I own the rights EXCLUSIVELY at this time.

it is also my son... not his. ABSAM missed the lawyers meeting for the LEGALIZED INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION in Pittsburgh, PA this passed week. Two meetings were set up. He missed both of them. PATERNITY when a woman in not MARRIED, is done in the COURTS with a JUDGE having the final say in the matters. ONLINE accusations mean nothing, but harassment.

So, so far... he IS a con artist and a crazy maker. Is he fake???

Apparently, b/c there has not been any sort of COURTSHIP, but online exposure. I thought there was a meeting that I missed at the MONDRIAN HOTEL... an ACE OF SPADES deal.

Again, that was an exclusive deal for Lisa A. Miceli. No one else.... so I am curious as to what happened. EXTORTION PLOT???? HACKERS??

These are not just licensed stories. This is MY LIFE. I chose this man and believed him to be an honorable man. It was love at first sight. However, you can onlt take so mcuh disappointment, before you realize that someone is not a good person or who they claimed to be.

That does not make me not Michael Jordan's MISTRESS..... that makes me MJ's Mistress and all that came with it..... the good, the bad, the ugly.

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