Thursday, April 8, 2010


ABSAM said.. "cheating is a death sentence". Is that what you mean by MURDER??

Lisa Miceli loves ABSAM.... only!!

ANGE = you cannoy afford a BILLLION dolllars for the LOVE of my LIFE story.. you are cpoying adn stalking me, and being MALICIOUS!!!

You never heard of me, prior to me, Lisa Miceli, telling you that I am in love with him adn that he invited me to his PALACE.

Please stalk & EXTORT from someone else. This is the love of my life.

You are a FAKE person, using a REAL person's love story..... on ABSAM... making threats for MONEY!!! She called him a con artist,. crazy-maker, pedophile, stalker, etc, etc..

He was dating Lisa A. Miceli when she said that.... the 5000 e-mails are mine (addressed to adn from Lisa Miceli and ABSAM)... ANGE stop copying me!!!

Where is my life now that you stole that STORY... . & ruined my PALACE TRIP???

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